Ladies, your favorite time of the month

OK, so here’s some FYI… I like to at least mention certain things every so often for people who have never heard of them. Lots of technological advances haven’t yet been passed down from your mother’s generation to you, for example.

For those who have never heard about menstrual cups, here’s your first FYI on this.

I’m just going to give you a link to an article here that is quite thorough. And, say that I am a veteran user of the Diva Cup. I am going to buy a Lunette for my daughter (who probably won’t get a period for a couple of years yet) and make it an option for her. I have my pros and cons for tampons vs. a cup. I’ve gone back and forth and I think that once you know how to use both, it’s great to have both as options. For example, it would depend if I plan to travel or go shopping, swimming, running, etc. and if I’m on a light flow day or a heavy flow day.

For tampons, I buy organic cotton. Brands: Naturcare or Seventh Generation. You can get sizes, with or without applicator. An applicator is great if you are out in public restrooms, but at home I much prefer without applicator. The biggest difference is the shape of the tampon itself. Without an applicator, the tampon expands as it absorbs, which is a very good thing. For younger girls, they will probably prefer and do better with applicators.

Target has another new brand of pads, liners and tampons that are more clean, but I think more pricey.

I would be happy to answer any questions you might have for you or your daughters. You can also ask me about sourcing–how to buy. I know 2 ways to get a discount.

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