Lecithin, Choline-Inositol, Cognitive Protection

Options for cognitive recovery/protection with choline via phosopholipid complex.

Number crunching, yes I did make a spreadsheet for costs.

As you will see, this is easily one of my most expensive supplements, but I have found a lot of justification to keep using it:

1. It works on me. I have taken these products for the past year and noticed a true improvement in my cognition.

2. I’m scared! (Prevention)- with Subjective Cognitive Impairment (SCI), I’m at the first level of Alzheimer’s. This can take a decade to become the level of dementia that my Grandmother has.

3. Choline is a key nutrient for those with MTHFR gene impairment, which I have.  And, this is quite prevalent in the population.

4. This should also help my methylation cycle, so I hope to see improvements in my histamine intolerance (bring down histamine levels).

5. There are other benefits such as lowering cholesterol, and healthy liver and heart/cardiovascular.


Jarrow Neuro Optimizer – this would be best for anyone who is just getting started and wants a budget option. It seems effective to me at enhancing my memory. $23.45 per month. Take 4 capsules per day as recommended on bottle.
Best deal is on ThriveMarket.com if you are already a member. Otherwise, find another online retailer such as Amazon.com. Jarrow Neuro Optimizer contains derivatives and additional ingredients to help protect your brain and body against free radicals (anti-oxidant), and optimize blood sugar.

Most Bio-Available:

Double Wood Supplements alpha-GPC on Amazon.com I recommend this for my grandmother who already has mid-grade dementia. It most efficiently converts for use in the brain. It’s also easier to take. Take 4 capsules. $37.82 per month.

Easy, Power-Boost, Low-allergen, Comprehensive:

Similar in monthly cost to Lecithin powder (below), Seeking Health Optimal PC is a phospholipid gel containing the key lipids phosphatidyl-choline, -inositol and -ethanolamine, but doesn’t contain phosphotidyl-serine (PS), an ingredient found in Jarrow NeuroOptimizer and often recommended for cognitive restoration. (I guess they must take the PS out of it, or rather put in just the other 3.) The stuff worked on me and I was feeling memory coming back to me for sure by end of 2 months of taking a high dose. The liquid is a gel that’s messy but half the cost for the same dosage as the capsules. Buy the liquid. $45 per month, 2 tsp. per day.

Most whole-food source: Lecithin powder:

You’ll need to take a lot per day, like 4-5 Tbsp. if you are working on enhancing a Subjective Cognitive Impairment (SCI) or other level of cognitive impairment (memory loss), or if you are treating MTHFR gene SNPs (I have both).
MicroNutrients Lecithin Powder* $43.68 per month, take 4 Tbsp. per day
NOW Lecithin Powder $39.69 per month, take 4 Tbsp. per day
This is already a hefty investment, so for the extra couple of dollars per month to get the higher grade brand, MicroNutrients, this is my choice. I like the idea of Lecithin because it’s closer to a whole food and contains the full phospholipid complex instead of one derivative. (I’m guessing this should have the inositol, phosphatidyl serine and all the rest. Chris Masterjohn, PhD, did the number crunching on how much to take.  He’s a mastermind.)


  • Nutritionally comprehensive and hedge-your-bet: Rotate products. Take half of one product at breakfast, half of another at lunch. (Don’t take in late afternoon or evening as they can be stimulating to brain / energizing).
  • Easy: Take one bottle of something this month, a different bottle next month. hedge-your-bet.
  • Easy: Stick with one product for several months. This way you can tell if it’s really working.
  • For me, my experience tells me this is a super important supplement for me. So, even if my budget requires a reduction, it will be something else that gets cut. Not this.

My experience:

  • My M.D. at the Penny George Institute in ~2016 suggested I take the Seeking Health Optimal PC in response to my description of cognitive decline:  forgetting words mid-sentence; memory not working well, like losing my keys; brain fog. I’m so glad she did, because this gave me the empirical evidence I needed: it worked.
  • After a few bottles of that, I moved to the Seeking Health Optimal PC capsules (didn’t realize the price difference was so much).
  • Switched to Jarrow Neuro Optimizer and I think the benefits were either better or same, but it may not have been long enough to tell. I have a theory that it could maybe not work so well over the long haul since I may really need the high level of choline. In any case, I decided to…
  • Switch to sunflower lecithin powder (November 2017)

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