Looking at Leaky Gut

I tried to learn the helpful actions to be gained from this article about what makes the gut become "leaky."

What I saw were repetition of advice I’ve heard from other trusted sources. We need to take these things to heart, people, and really do them!

Looking at gut health, starting with a query about leaky gut, I discovered that there are very real connections on the molecular level where our gut health is linked with our heart and vascular system. (But, of course, we are starting to hear that almost every branch of medicine is starting to become concerned with the gut.)

more saliva – Could chewing your food more give more epidermal growth factor (EGF) to help stimulate epithelial cell proliferation?

support Nitric Oxide (NO). There are lots of suggestions in Dirty Genes by Dr. Ben Lynch. This will also affect heart health in a big way!
Arginine in the diet
natural nitrates
Support your methylation cycle
avoid pollution and smoking
lower your stress

Breathe–it supports NO production. Dr. Ben Lynch says it is probably the most important way to support NO production and your cardiovascular system. And, correct breathing problems.* Our gut epithelial cells all need oxygen and blood flow….

Address the problems of sleep apnea, mouth breathing, deviated septum [NeuroCranial Restructuring]], sinus congestion, snoring, tongue-tie, shallow breathing (incl slouched posture)–breathing supports NO which supports your gut lining!

Do not take NSAIDs or asprin. If you do, support NO production more actively.

Don’t drink alcohol. If you do, support NO production more actively.

Therefore, exercise and pumping blood around the body. (Relatedly, I’ve seen other articles about the measurement of how exercise impacts the gut flora. Exercise alone improves your microbiome!)

The cells need to be exposed to the types of bacteria that they need to repel, in order to maintain their immune function against those same "bad" bacteria/microbes! Don’t try for a sterile environment!

Don’t take antibiotics unless truly needed. If you do, learn about rebuilding your gut microbiome. (Take sac boulardii during treatment and follow with pre- and pro-biotics. Become a gardener of your gut biome.)

Reduce stress because it tends to restrict blood flow (thereby limited oxygen and nutrients to your cells). Stress associated with impaired gut cell repair.

Address diabetes and obesity
"Prolonged hyperglycemia [high blood sugar] associated with these disorders may be the primary mechanism for such disruption."

"Another group of molecules involved in restitution is the polyamines such as spermine, spermidine and putrescine. These molecules are present in many diets and also synthesized by the gastrointestinal mucosa. Enteral administration of polyamines has been shown in experimental models to accelerate restitution and healing of mucosal lesions."


The FAILSAFE diet is aimed at limiting amines in foods (I learned about this because I have to limit histamine, one of the amines). However, these are the very nutrients that we could need in order to help keep our gut lining from getting leaky! This supports what some have said that we should not be aiming to eliminate them completely–eat them to the degree that we can tolerate them. It may be the key to healing. So, you could look at a failsafe diet and try to eat MORE of those foods, so long as you are not one of the people who is hyper-reacting to those very same foods. In general, we could say, eating a varied diet of whole foods will support the gut lining–really go after true VARIETY.

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