Masculine and Feminine: DNA defines the expression of itself in every single cell of the human body

David Page, Director of the Whitehead Institute and professor of biology at MIT, has shaped modern genomics and mapped the Y chromosome.

These screenshots were taken from this vid: Why sex really matters | David Page | TEDxBeaconStreet

“It has been said many times that… our genomes are all 99.9% identical from one person to the next… It’s very appealing to say that we are all 99.9% identical…”popular myth


Let’s Debunk that Myth

Here he says that females are more like to each other than to a male.

gender DNA infographic



Bill & Hillary man-woman-chimp

This Ted Talk is really about disease differences between male and female. But, it perfectly illustrates just HOW different the sexes can be! EVERY CELL OF THE BRAIN IS EITHER FEMALE OR MALE–and that is just the beginning… The more complex structures expressed as multi-cellular systems such as the many areas of the brain (continuously being more well-mapped) and how those system relate with each other and become higher and higher, more complex systems, develops into a very different operating system (OS).

After this TED talk, I started saying: “A man’s OS is pretty much the same on every day of the month. He of course has ups and downs due to different factors. And, his daily hormone cycle is part of his OS. But, a woman’s OS is different on every day of the month!” This is how I understand it after reading two books by Brizendine, and the interpretations by Alison Armstrong, Hormonology and others. This is just one narrow way of beginning to apply the “We experience the world differently” idea into practical terms.

I’ve never read Men are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, but I suspect I would agree. I am all for realizing that we are all connected, everything in the Universe is All-One, and Chaos Theory, etc. HOWEVER, I think it is more useful on the human inter-personal relationship realm to realize our differences. Because it is in those differences that we are getting tripped up and the divorce rate has soared.

Now, as for the reasoning behind why Alison Armstrong speaks more often to women than men and her argument that women have a special endowment or opportunity… **because we have different capacities**. Men have amazing capacities that we ladies often do not recognize. We haven’t been taught about that in the same way we were taught the alphabet. If we can hold aside the fact that those capacities give them a responsibility to us, we can also hold (on the other hand) that we women have capacities that are a special endowment by Nature. Which is: relational capabilities. (Read Brizendine’s The Female Brain). If we can stop blaming men for not having the same capacities, we might be able to see that we could use our Super Powers to the benefit of both of us! We women can begin to come into our real power when we:

  • Study up (Read The Queen’s Code by Alison Armstrong)
  • Stop blaming. Love reality. Do our inner work–Do The Work of Byron Katie and “LOVE WHAT IS.”
  • Practice gratitude for the capacities that men do have, which in OTHER areas supersede ours (we are Yin and Yang, we cannot live without each other, we cannot grow society without each other, we cannot be whole without each other)
  • Practice and use our Super Powers.
  • Mature into Real Women and embody Femaleness.
  • Reap the rewards of being cherished and respected by men.

Girlfriends, sometimes meme-y things are right on!


girls, stop waiting for that perfect boy




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