memory tea


I was inspired by THIS MEMORY TEA, which you can purchase at the link. It’s $10.99 for 8 oz.  ($22 per pound)

What I learned: At my local store The Wedge Co-Op they have almost all the ingredients to make this tea blend.


For a price comparison, there is a local company that makes a Blueberry Tea (also sold in bulk at The Wedge) which is based on Rooibos with blueberries and I think the one ingredient from the Memory Tea that it includes was the bilberries (but not bilberry leaf). This tea was ~$45 per pound!  So, I guess Rooibos tends to be more expensive. So, I have to skip that and go for making my own or buying on (link above).

Re: Memory:

I’m sticking with another month of the brain supplement I’m taking (Seeking Health Optimal PC).  I might do the next 3 months of that so that when I go into my doctor I can report and perhaps we will try a cheaper lecithin or other PC product. I saw a sunflower lecithin around here somewhere…

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