Mood Repair update

I am changing my 5-htp routine to see how it goes. I spread out the 5htp. 3 times per day at 50 mg. I’m doing this because:

I know that I need more 5 htp on the days when estrogen takes sharp decline (when estrogen goes low, serotonin goes low too! This is why serotonin deficiencies are more prominent in women, although men can certainly have serotonin deficiencies.). Due to fluctuations in my hormone cycle, I cannot accurately predict when that will be. I’ve taken 100 mg on those days and still get mood swings. I can’t say for sure, but it seems like if I take the bigger dose, I get happy but then serotonin drops off later in the day. The sense of this happening told me that maybe I need to aim for keeping serotonin steady, foundationally. (Also, it makes sense to me to dose to the need and do not want to take more than is necessary.)

Secondly, I notice that on those days when I need the additional serotonin help, I need it revved up before I get out of bed. I can wake up depressed, when I was fine the day before. So, I hope taking a dose before bed will help preserve some serotonin for wake-up time.

Also, I was doing the Adrenal tea throughout the winter, and my M.D. said Ashwagandha is safe to take every day (she likes herbs). So, I decided for summer time and now that I’ve been too busy for tea, I am taking Ashwagandha tincture.

  • So, I take 5htp and Ashw* tincture upon waking, with Theanine capsule (and my Vitex tincture for female hormones).
  • I take 5 htp at 2 pm.
  • I take 5htp, Ashw* before bed with Magtein.

Other components of my Mood Repair are in my supplement routine post. I am happy to tell you more if you want to email me.

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