More cleaning tips

Everyone who I know, who has used them, really likes the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. Getting our house ready to sell, these have come in very handy!

A few weeks ago, Erik installed subway tile as the backsplash in our kitchen. He used a flat razor blade scraper to take off some of the left over grout or tile adhesive (whatever it was that left a residue on the tiles). A rag did not clean it up and I thought it was scratches on the tile. But, today I tried a Magic Eraser and it worked! After using it, you must also wipe the residue with a damp rag. Magic Erasers work by breaking down until there is none of it left. It’s actually like a super fine sand paper.

By the way, those flat razor scrapers are a tool I keep around when doing housework. They are great for removing tape, residues on the stove, wax on the bathtub (from candles), and so on–on any flat surface.

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