Musing on kitchen tidying

This concept of containers IN the cupboards was learned by me in the past 7 years when I moved into smaller kitchen (twice). (Now also moving again.. oh, what will I learn next?!) It started with exposed storage shelves rather than traditional cupboards. So, I had to make it look pretty and organized for all to see. I have only 2 utensil drawers– 2 whole drawers– in my kitchen so I learned to keep only the tools I really do use often in the main area. I can’t vouch so much for the "packed away in storage" spaces or weird location of things like a box of crap in the basement. But, in the kitchen working area, it’s a spiritual practice to keep it tidy.

In my exposed pantry I use large clear cookie jars where food rotates in and out of all the time. A jar is not "THE cookie jar"–it’s just a jar that gets something put into it after it’s empty. Could be something else like oatmeal, tortilla chips, dog food, etc. Whatever at the time is needed. The baking stuff is together in a basket so that baking time I just pull out one or two baskets which contain hand electric mixer, baking soda, whisk, measuring cups, chocolate chips, whatever.

The kids have their own basket for all the lunch box stuff like containers, snacks–all in that same bin.

I’m also going to try to re-create a SHALLOW cupboard in my next home. It’s where I put my plethora of supplements and medicines. Cupboard is only deep enough for one large supplement bottle. So, it’s the same concept as a MAGAZINE RACK–some libraries are now using this idea because they know it works in stores–go wide, not deep, and spread out the merchandise so you can see it easily. We thought of this idea for my Grandma–use an IKEA picture rail for her supplements! We can do this on the inside of cupboard doors with a rack that takes up the space in the front and then the stuff on the shelf can’t be deep either. Let there be no dark corners with things lurking!

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