MuTu for the moms

Do you have a healthy pelvic floor? It’s important for men and women, but increasing numbers of women are becoming aware and sharing the secret that most of us have some weakness in our pelvic floor muscles.

Know any mothers? The MuTu method is for postpartum women to strengthen pelvic muscles.

They are the same exercises prescribed to me by my chiropractor who I saw a couple times per week for several months this year. I am now taking a MuTu class to keep me on task. There were 5 other women in class and several of them were there for incontinence and/or prolapse as well as diastasis recti (where the “six pack” has separated in the center, at or above the navel.) Tell any post-partum women about MuTu– there is an online course (which I have purchased as part of my class).

I just went to my first class in MuTu yesterday. I was delighted to find that most of the exercises had been prescribed to me by my chiropractor in Minnesota (Institute for Orthopedics and Chiropractic–the best chiro and PT I’ve ever seen.) In other words, pelvic, lower back and hips all go together! The women in my family have all been discovering this, individually and together as we share knowledge.

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