My Mood Miracle of (Magnesium) Glycine

Stress much?

Since I have been an avid proponent of magnesium in the past, I want to now enhance my position on magnesium, which in my attempted study of the literature on neurotransmitters brought to my attention the fact that I noticed a big effect* on my mood with the use of magnesium glycinate. I was taking it because I wanted the calming effects of magnesium.  I did indeed notice a big effect, but in retrospect it may be very likely due to, in whole or part, the glycine component of the magnesium glycinate.

*I noticed the big effect a couple-few years ago, when I noticed that if I took about 3 tablets of mag-gly per day I was doing really well (calm). Then if I forgot to take it for a couple of days, I ended up being in my agitated/angry/annoyed state. I’m not going to call mine “anxious.” I will only called it stressed, nitpicky, wired, and tending toward negative and angry.

Agitated, annoyed, stressed, nitpicky, wired, and tending toward negative and angry.

Then when I realized my mood state, which was bad enough for me to ask myself, “WHY is this happening again?” I would go through the mental checklist and take a mag-gly. Then I began returning to my calm state. This happened in many cycles before I realized there was a direct connection between the mag-gly and my mood. I even tested it a few times by stopping the supplement, then waiting to see how long it took. I settled on it taking me about 3 days off of it before I was returned to my depleted state.

I currently take 2 tablets per day, each tablet is 400 mg total, of Vitacost brand Magnesium Glycinate.  I will try to update later this year on any brand I might recommend with specific amounts contained. The Vitacost seems to be unavailable now, but you might try any brand you want so long as you check the ingredients.

I will continue to try to sort out the amino acids info. But, certainly, I know better now than to say that it’s solely magnesium that had such an incredible effect on me. I now suspect it was the glycine and/or a combination of glycine and magnesium that helped me so much.

I will be looking at amino acid combinations, perhaps a multi-amino, to rebuild my stores of neurotransmitters. I have lagged in the past month, wanting to start taking aminos, but just not knowing which product to start with. (I had hives due to allergic reaction to shrimp, so I was hesitating on new supplements.)  I need more info, and am looking forward to more balancing, nutritional healing.

Since amino acids are available in quality foods, we should attend to our digestion. We should be able to extract aminos from our food to maintain good health, including mental health, if our digestion is on track.

If you haven’t signed up yet on my blog, please do.  I will try to begin putting more info up on my blog cum email list.  If I take the time to post any new info this year, it will certainly have something to do with my diet, digestion, neurotransmitters, or nutritional supplements.

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