My Standing Desk

I needed a semi-temporary solution for a standing desk.

IMG_1702Why? To get my tablet off the dining room table to a safer home.  Associated papers and mess would get organized in the new standing desk area.  I could then always take the tablet back to the table in order to sit, but bring the tablet back to it’s home at the standing desk.

After deliberation, some internet research, shopping at IKEA, and looking at my home and existing materials, here is what I camp up with.  I utilized IKEA for this one!

IMG_1700My tablet computer is mounted to the wall on the IKEA RIMFORSA, a bamboo angled tray-shelf thingy. It’s made to work with FINTORP. What happens is you screw FINTORP into the wall–it’s a magnetic strip. FINTORP comes in stainless or black (mine is black in the photos). Then RIMFORSA has a metal plate that acts a hook for the bamboo piece. Viola! it’s as easy as hanging a picture frame and also the bamboo tray-shelf thingy can be taken off at any time and used to prop the tablet computer on a table or kitchen counter.

IMG_1697For the keyboard, I obtained from my hubby a keyboard we already had. It’s a bluetooth, so no cord. I conceived a shelf and bought the CAPITA 6-inch stainless steel legs. Purchased a piece of wood at Home Depot, stained and polyurethaned after my hubby used some power tools on it to sand and attach the CAPITA legs. Those CAPITA legs come in 4-inch, but there is also another set where you use 2 bigger angled legs; the choice is yours.

I used double-stick stuff to secure the Capita legs on top of the kitchen cart. I already had this kitchen cart. You can get these at IKEA or Container store or wherever.

IMG_1698I gave myself some lighting with the Ikea JANSJO USB light. It’s a little USB-powered LED light. I plugged it into a USB strip, which I need to use on my tablet computer because the tablet itself only has one USB port. I mounted the USB strip with “VELCRO” type sticky tape underneath the RIMFORSA bamboo tray. In my photos you can see the white cord curves to the back of the bamboo tray.

The JANSJO light is plugged into the USB strip and points down however I want, lighting up my keyboard area.

IMG_1699I will also use a magnetic clip on the black FINTORP magnetic strip (see above). This gives me a place to put the most urgent bills to be paid. Or so I can look at a piece of paper while I’m typing.

I will be buying a rubber standing mat at Costco.

Behind my desk mounted on the wall is a metal board from IKEA which acts like a fridge, where I can use magnets to hang things. My daughter puts her calendar on a hook here. Magnetic hooks and clips from Home Depot.

IMG_1695The mustard-colored basket on the shelf below on the kitchen cart is also from IKEA, but I had to paint it. I’ll put my “to do” papers and items in there.

On the side of the cart you can see 2 dark gray macrame hanging baskets. I found those in the IKEA bathroom area. I can put devices on there, attached to their charging cords. There is a power outlet behind my kitchen cart “desk” where I’ve put a motion-detecting night light and where I plug in devices. The night light is great for when I start digging around either for power or for filing stuff that I will be keeping on the kitchen cart.


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  1. Hey, guys, a friend of ours was inspired by the standing desk idea and she just bought this one:

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