New iPhone Bedtime

Will this app brush my teeth for me before it shuffles me off to bed? I’ve been staying up way too late lately. Oddly enough, in the service of researching health topics. I’m a driven hypocrite. There are particular neurotransmitters I am not deficient in… I’m going to go take more GABA now.

4 responses to “New iPhone Bedtime

  1. So funny! I just started using that last night!!

  2. I could use a bit more of this! I used to always be a morning person and had a very regular bedtime. However, I love being up late at night now in the quiet of the house reading, researching and working.

    • Sara, Thanks for chiming in! I’m with you. I am totally a burn the candle kind of girl. My mind is a sponge. All day long. My friend offers us a word picture for inspiration (This comes free from a counselor/therapist. Always finding the bargains, here on Rachels.FYI!):

      “We think of ourselves as candles… and can therefore get used up. We need to think of ourselves as lanterns, and continuously refill our lamps with oil. Then we will not get used up.”

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