Not sure about a keto diet?

Here’s a thought. Even if you didn’t get into ketosis, if a person commits all-in, like I’ve been forced to do, that all your food will be nutrient dense food, then the carbs you eat cannot be empty. If you up the ante, you would eat no high-histamine-low-nutrient foods. You would eat only foods (including carbs) that have truly redeeming qualities. If you look into an anti-inflammatory diet, that would be a huge step. The articles at aim at antiinflammatory. I bought some of the info she sells, to support her work. And I find it to be true. I keep trying to add in foods she recommends.

Reducing inflammation feels good. Every system of the body will work better. It helps protect your brain.

Leading practical concepts:

1. Start eating the best quality food you possibly can. Let the others fall away. It’s not about what you "can’t" have. It’s about focusing on the best foods. (Once you spend your time, energy preparing them; Once you fill your stomach with the good stuff, you won’t have space left for crap.

2. Keep learning, always. Learn what the best foods are. Knowledge is power.

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