EO membership (A)

I have been preparing this initial installment of an EO primer. Of course, I may have already left off some of the most basics.
To be honest, the reason I originally got into essential oils was mainly for the smells. I am sensitive to things with fragrances, so EO is the best way for me to enjoy a scent without synthetics. Also, the top reason was the germ-busting without causing super germs.  Gary Young (founder of Young Living) is a Christian and researched the historical and biblical uses of oils and re-created a blend called Thieves which was said to protect thieves from plague germs when they were stealing from the dead. But there is also much modern scientific evidence for how the oils work. There was a very popular video series on cancer last year which showed people who had used the oils for curing their cancer (Frankincense, for starters). It can be helpful to have a reference book to help you discover the uses. But, Young Living and doTERRA use the direct marketing model with “Reps” who are mostly moms working from home, to educate. Supplements are unregulated in the U.S. This is a good thing!  Because if the FDA were able to regulate them, we’d have much less access, maybe require prescriptions, etc. I chose EOs as one of the tools in my home pharmacopoeia. I don’t take issue with homeopathic, necessarily, and I do love my h. Arnica. But, so often the EO cannot be used at the same time as a homeopathic, making it a challenge to use both. In cases of dire illness, I will try to use both. But, for most cases, I now try to use EO first by itself or other herbal and nutritional, or thermal remedies. With the germ busting of EO, it makes it a good go-to when there is any kind of respiratory, cold, or intestinal bug. Sarah Wood and Rebecca Ross (we have many Sarah’s and Rebecca’s in my tribe) have even used them in their neti wash (sinus flush)!  My v. good friend, Sarah Henning, is my rep with Young Living. She’s been doing it for about 15 years. Her advice was to just get some and begin learning. You learn as you go and find more uses for them. The Internet is now filled with lots of ideas, uses and recipes for essential oils. You can make body products and use them in food. My favorite for food are: lemon, peppermint, and orange. But, since I’ve begun to learn the anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine uses of herbs in cooking, I may branch out in the future to adding EOs like rosemary, oregano, etc. to foods–handy when you need the flavor but don’t have any fresh herbs around. (Both companies sell the smaller 5ml size of the most useful food flavoring EOs.)  The other advice in regards to potentially selling/sharing oils with friends is to just talk about them with others, a few tidbits at a time.  Now that I have some knowledge and some of my favorite EOs, herbs, supplements and remedies in my home I feel like a bit of a medicine woman (and I don’t even consider myself all that knowledgeable–there is so much more to learn! For example, I don’t even aspire to learn TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine, even though I have a respect for that, as it is mostly herbal. Let’s not forget acupuncture is also useful in some cases, often determined by try-and-see, and I have tried that and would go back in some circumstances. And, there’s also fascia toning, breathing, and so many other things we can do to balance the body and stimulate it to it’s own healing.) I digress. The other lineage is my doTERRA “upline”–the people who are above me in the Reps/membership tree. Yes, these are MLM companies (and I have written on facebook about why I was able to make my peace with that). Susan Buckley came to our Waldorf school from Alaska. Her mentor is/was a nurse in Alaska. Without ready access to health care, EOs because very popular in their town as a way for people to treat their families in the first line of defense. Imagine having to take a plane to see a dentist or doctor!
So, here is my first installment.  I will not hold it back longer because it’s getting to be a long email and some of you need to see “Why essential oils?  What can I do with them?”  This is a first brush for me writing. There are even things in my head that I haven’t had time to put in here, yet. But, let’s get going…
Oh, and in regards to the “non-membership” or “co-op” that I am offering you… Here’s another simple way of looking at it: 
I have a very low interest level in becoming a Rep for either company.  My reasons for offering this “deal” have to be selfish for me. I’ve learned how precious each person’s time is and I have very little to spare. I haven’t been able to reconcile.  I would take the job seriously, and just like this email, I get sucked in to each task that I do.  Education is a necessary part of selling for these companies if someone wants to earn an income. My intention is not to attempt that. My selfish intent is to be able to have access to both doTERRA *and* Young Living products–it was hard to choose between them.  And, I doubt either one would like it if I were publicly marketing both lines together, like on the same website. I have been planning to cancel doTERRA membership, but it makes me cringe to do so. So, I thought, well, if I just had enough people who would commit to 1+ order per year, we could do it. And, that in and of itself will keep me busier than I want to be. The benefit I derive will not be in dividends – I don’t aspire to make cash.  But, I will get points that I can use on products. And, the benefit to my family and friends is that YOU will get them at the Wholesale/member price. The retail price is approx. 30% higher.  My goal would be to only have our unofficial “co-op” place enough orders per year to keep one of the memberships open for one more year (and see how it goes and if people want to continue or not.)  In fact, I worry that I will be sucked down a vortex of having to really “Rep” but that is a high class problem that will be solved, no problem. In the meantime, I understand the membership plan structures pretty well and I know that most people don’t want to make the same level of commitment that I did.  That’s why my mom, my sister and I share the requirement to place at least one order per month between us. In fact, we don’t order much in between the monthly order so that we can use our dollars to the best advantage to maintain the membership.
I hope that clears it up.