EO Primer DRAFT v.02

Essential Oils Primer DRAFT v.02

In this version I will list updates from v.01 in red colored text.

EO = essential oil

neat = application of the EO without any carrier

carrier = an oil or lotion used to cut the strength of the EO for various reasons. Could be that the oil is too caustic by itself (can be an individual sensitivity thing). Could be that you want to get the EO to spread further on the skin.

YL – Young Living

General differences between YL and doTERRA:

YL has been around longer. Founder Gary Young is prominent figure. Christian themes in Gary’s messages. Some oils produced on land purchased by Gary/YL.  Bigger number of products and blends available. Thieves is an original and highly respected blend, the flagship product.

Both companies do charity and mission work in various parts of the world, often in conjunction with where, the oils are being produced.

doTERRA’s On Guard is the competitor to Thieves.

Therapeutic Use vs. Good Smells

  • I have found that when at first a scent doesn’t smell good to me, if I need to use it for therapeutic reasons, or whatever, I end up liking it the more I smell it. This happened for sure with Frankinsence, ylang ylang, and wintergreen.
  • YL has the “Raindrop Technique” which is for emotional release and health.
  • doTERRA has the AromaTouch Massage technique which is what convinced me to sign up for doTERRA in the first place!  It’s heavenly. It stimulates immunity and many other benefits. I wanted to do this on my kids and hubby when they are stressed or getting sick.
  • How to use essential oils.
  • Meditation on the smell, and sleep. Recipe incl.

Inhaling Methods

  • If you are putting on someone’s skin, you can cup your hand around your nose and inhale.
  • Vapor sticks like this or this.
  • In salt, the scent can last over a year, helping you get the most out of your oil. Keep a jar of smelling salts on your desk at work for when you need that afternoon inspiration.

Application techniques for skin:

  • use your finger tips to spread lotions around. Unless you want a lot all over your palms.
  • Roller fitments. Young living now has them in 10 pack, metal and they fit their bottles. (I checked before whether they fit the 5ml bottles and I can’t remember now). You can also buy from various bottles retailers. http://aromatools.com/
    Amazon roller bottles with steel fitments
  • I can get some bottles from my local co-op and stick them into a package for you. I can also buy from Frontier wholesale, including an atomizer bottle which I have but haven’t yet used. But, when you are wanting several things it may be best to find a bottle retailer online to buy several things and share together. We may do this this year since you are all part of “Rachel’s EO Co-op” now.


  • Always use caution after applying or touching the bottle to wash off hands so as not get in EYES.
  • To remove oil, you cannot use water. You must use a carrier oil first. To remove EO from my eye, I have used a spray coconut oil. I like the sprayer, and you could use any spray oil you have in your kitchen. Use a clean absorbent cloth like paper towel to dab away the oil, using a new, clean spot on the cloth each time you dab. This also works for oils from hot peppers.
  • No citrus oils on skin before sun exposure. Wait 12 hours. I only put citrus on skin before bed. Consider whether you should put on face or not. Consider using sunscreen the next day.


  • doTERRA Fractionated coconut oil. lighter and very neutral scent. Plastic bottle with a dropper top allows you to get out a small amount.
  • any oil you want on your skin: apricot, almond, sunflower, coconut, etc.
  • any lotion you want to use, including your facial moisturizer
  • Mix up your stuff and put it in a pump bottle (like hand soap pump), or in the original bottle the oil came in, or use roller fitment bottles (see above under Application Techniques)



Things that I tried and failed or were high difficulty:

  • lotion – lotion is an emulsion between fat and water. It’s harder to preserve and keep from molding.  I prefer to get the Whole Foods 365 brand of unscented ultra moisturizing lotion and you can add EOs to that.
  • Whipped body butter. Don’t make too much. Keep it temp stable. When I did it I tried to keep it in the fridge, which meant I never used it. But I think this is worth a try if you have the right recipe. The recipes online have been evolving. Use one where the blogger explains in detail and shows lots of photos, so you know what you’re getting into.


  • If you want to start small, buy 5 ml bottles instead of 15 ml bottles. YL’s 5 ml are called Vitality. dT’s are called _____________.
  • Also look for roller bottles–If you fill you own roller bottles and dilute with carrier oil, you’ll economically consume them.  You can also buy roller bottles (doTERRA’s rollers are called “Touch” products), and it may be less cost up front, but you get less essential oil for the convenience of having them packaged this way. 

doTERRA Shopping Guide

doTERRA FAVORITES (special features, “oil delivery products” such as roller bottles.)

  • Beadlets – These are for oral use. This is a unique product, I don’t think that Young Living has these. They are tiny little gel caps that pop easily in the mouth and come in a tube the size of a lip balm. #1 OnGuard beadlets are good for a sore throat. I have my kids pop them near the back of the throat. The clove oil helps to numb. #2 Peppermint and OnGuard are both good for freshening the breath. I take them to social gatherings and the movie theater. #3 I keep them in my purse. Can be much easier than dealing with liquid oils. If you are wearing dress clothes, help ensure you are not getting oil on your clothes. Both flavors are quite strong even though there is some amount of carrier oil in the beadlet.
  • Deep Blue (Rub or EO). I love the rub–it’s like a lotion so the essential oils are going further than if you just used the straight EO.  If you don’t like lotions, then you can get the EO blend pure. You could add that to whatever you want, like a massage oil.
  • Past Tense – This is almost like a Deep Blue in a roller bottle. Very similar. I keep it in my purse.
  • OnGuard – my favorite are the BEADLETS and the cleaning concentrate. I put the concentrate in a sprayer bottle and use it around the kitchen, dining, and bathrooms. I use it to clean the outside of the toilet, sinks.
  • The oils for the AromaTouch massage – I can do a separate email about this.
  • Anti-Aging Moisturizer. Lovely jasmine scent with a blend of essential oils that are great for skin. I love the tube with a pump. I use 3 pumps per application, using my fingertips.
  • HD Clear oil roll-on. Rachel uses this oil for any sign of a zit. This is part of the doTERRA acne-prone skin care line. I imagine my teens will be using this when they hit puberty. Use the roll-on HD Clear as a preventative on the area you are most prone to getting zits. Fresh , pleasant scent (lemony without lemon).
  • Lip Balm w/ Peppermint & Wild Orange. Add this on to an order when you need a few extra PVs.
  • Breathe Drops – these are a sweet lozenge/hard candy. One of our family members with sinus allergies loves these.

doTERRA BLEND FAVORITES (smells we like):

  • Balance. “grounding”- Favorite of mine and my sister. Wonderful for yoga practice or just to smell. Contains Frankincense for a whatever-ails-you component.
  • Clary Calm. Could be Rachel’s top favorite smell, maybe more than Balance. This is delivered in a convenient roller bottle. It’s for hormonal balance and relaxing for women. I use this any time but often, especially during Moon Time.

Products I do NOT like:
doTERRA -No –

  • deodorant stick- it may work better in the summer, but the indoor temps of winter seem to make this a little like sandpaper. I’m thinking that they may at some point reformulate without even stating that. Desert Essence is my favorite brand.

Young Living Shopping Guide

YL FAVORITES (blends or special features)

  • metal roller fitments that fit only YL bottles 15ml for sure (5ml?)


  • Breathe Again. Preferred by my sister and her hubby. They like the smell better than doTERRA Breathe.

Products I do NOT like:

YL -No-

USES: More General

Most common things you can do with the EOs (any brand)

  • add to facial moisturizer and massage oil
  • make tooth powder
  • put on a do-hicky in your car for air freshener
  • add to foods and homemade treats for flavoring
  • mosquito deterrent spray
  • bug bite soother roll-on
  • ear infection roll-on
  • diffuse into the air for air freshening (kitchen)  DIFFUSERS
  • bathroom stink-b-gone spray
  • linen spray before your head hits the pillow for bed
  • balm – use a recipe with correct ratios of different types of oil and wax because the naturals oils solidify at different temps.
  • 1-2 drops in a bath. If the bather has dry skin, beware! Lavender is your best bet. But, even too much lavender can cause a burning feeling. Water temp and skin condition are factors.
  • Eucalyptus or doTERRA Breathe on the chest. Can do this before a bath or shower.
  • deodorant booster: put a drop on your regular stick deodorant – using the deodorant stick as an applicator for the oil.
  • small broken blood vessels can be treated regularly with lemon oil before bed. (Rachel does this on a face spot. It seems to work, but must be maintained.)
  • peppermint for headaches. Smell is best.  Back from the temples, but be careful–fumes can travel to the eyes. Base of skull. Use on fingertips for a scalp massage.
  • Laundry: Buy wool dryer balls and put a couple drops of EO on before tossing them in the dryer with clothes. Lavender;  Lavender + Lemon; or, cedarwood and lemon.


  • Sadness Lavender or Clary sage plus Lemon, Lime or White Fir. article.



  • lemon oil: use like goo gone. I use it to help remove the sticky residue when I am cleaning a label off of a jar. Then use soap to clean off the rest (dishwasher).



  • “Frank” is one of the ingredients in a supplement by Thorne Research called Phytoprofen. Thorne Research provides this bit about Frank: “A recent in vivo study examined Boswellia extract for its effect on glycosaminoglycan metabolism. Glycosaminoglycans form an important component of the body’s connective tissues. Boswellia significantly reduced the degradation of glycosaminoglycans compared to controls.”
  • wonderful for depression. It is in doTERRA’s EO Mega [supplement] and is one of the reasons why LLV [supplement] is so great for depression.
  • it is also great for cellular support, inflammation, and cancer prevention. It is one of the few elements found in nature that attacks mutant cells but not healthy cells. Dr. Hill recommends everyone take two drops under the tongue daily.
  • it has an extensive chemical profile which means it is the oil to grab when you don’t know what to do. It can also be layered after every oil to strengthen the effects. The only oil that covers more is Spikenard
  • it is wonderful for aging—especially for the brain and skin.
  • it is just plain wonderful. It is one of the highest oils on the energetic frequency scale, and opens up the crown chakra which is the portal to inspiration.


  • wonderful for depression AND anxiety
  • it is a great cleanser in a glass of water or for your counters, door knobs, and walls
  • it smells divine. It is one of doTERRA’s special oils scent wise. No other brand compares. (doTERRA calls it ‘Sweet Orange’
  • it is a great energizer especially mixed with peppermint. It helps wake up the mind and encourages focus. Great combo to stay awake while doing a lot of school work or a late night work project.
  • natures crowning achievement to promote abundance.


  • I like Sandalwood.  The traditional smell of “incense.” I have another brand of massage oil that I love and the EOs in it are: Juniperberry, Sandalwood, Cedarwood and Rosemary.  I like sandalwood much better than cedarwood straight, but a little bit of cedar added to the sandalwood can round it out and give more earthiness.


Blends you can make with your single EOs:

  • Kick sugar cravings
  • Bug Bite Blend
  • Ear Infect Away – I will make a post-dated post and link to it.
  • I have another brand of massage oil that my family loves.  The EOs in it are:  Juniperberry, Sandalwood, Cedarwood and Rosemary.