$8.50 WS. doTERRA’s OnGuard 4 oz.

$7.25 WS YL’s Kids Slique toothpaste (citrus with a little of the Thieves oils in it)

$6.75 WS  YL’s Dentarome 4 oz.

$10.25 WS YL’s Aromabright 4 oz. – also comes in travel size, which would be higher cost per ounce.

None of the above contain fluoride.

My take on fluoride:

  • We should not have sodium fluoride in our water.  Get a reverse osmosis or better filter for your municipal-sourced water.
  • Depends on the person and whether they have ever had dental caries (cavities/fillings) before. My daughter has.  I consider it an “infection” in the sense that it is  flora imbalance and it’s not easily corrected. For myself and my kids, since fluoride treatment at the dentist is covered by our insurance, I do get the treatment. For my daughter, if it weren’t covered I would probably pay for it out of pocket. For my son who hasn’t had caries, I would try not paying for it and just watch for any etching on enamel (starting of cavities). We do, of course, use our 2 preventative treatments and cleanings covered by insurance annually.
  • Fluoride in toothpaste – best place for sodium fluoride to be, because it’s topical (albeit also somewhat systemic), it’s localized (arguably) and it’s DAILY.  My daughter and I use it to protect our adult teeth. Some will absorb through the mucuosa of the mouth (just like some of the vitamin supplements that are best taken under the tongue).
  • calcium fluoride is found naturally in groundwater. Sodium fluoride is what they add to toothpaste and our municipal water. This difference is highly suspicious, to me.
  • There are lots of things that can be done to improve dental health. Drinking fluoride is only effective in the teeth while they are forming up to age 12. Beyond that, fluoride in water doesn’t do diddly. Except possibly contribute to osteoporosis and poor bone structure??
  • There are lots of things we can do to improve bone structure and prevent osteoporosis. Sodium fluoride in our water is not one of them.