Fascia Restructuring

Fascia Restructuring

I will try my best to save you time watching these videos by explaining quickly what they are so you can learn what you want to right now and also quick-link directly to certain spots within the videos.  PLEASE leave a comment or email me if you find this useful or have anything at all to say about my topics!

Empower yourself through self-education and becoming fulling informed!  I’m a DIY health care kind of girl, but I also try to learn as much as I can about things, use my intellect, and also discuss with practitioners.  If you get caught up with “Why? How? and Isn’t this awesome?”  please don’t forget to re-visit safety concerns…

Safety Warnings on Fascia Blasting

How Fascia Holds Fat (Cellulite)

https://youtu.be/667RRbTQppU?t=211 – Ashley Black shows where fascia on a chicken breast is holding in fat.

How to Blast


The Oil

I looked at the links on Ashleys website to the ingredient in her skin oil for Blasting. It contains a special kind of algae that helps the chemical process of getting rid of fat. So, if you are in a hurry, or have not seen results you want, perhaps try it. I’m not purchasing it at first.  Maybe I will purchase it later?  For now, as a DIY kind of girl, I’ll make a blend of this: sunflower oil, coconut oil, Rosemary EO, Lavender EO.