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Fast Protein before or after workout, or On-the-Go convenience

Today’s Inquiry:  I take my protein shake in my workout morning food routine and any other time that I need a quick fix. But, I also have found that I like sheep’s milk yogurt and it works great before a workout. So, compare the yogurt to the protein shake.

Quick Answer: I love sheep’s milk yogurt, but it is a bit expensive. So, I’m considering it a healthy treat. Meanwhile, my protein shakes are a convenient and lower-cost start to my morning workout routine.

Answer:  Let’s look at the 3 tiers of ingredients that I currently justify for my shake routine.

  1. Collagen is one of my must-have supplements (I purchased a case of Great Lakes Gelatin brand collagen last year the day before my 40th birthday). You can see the cost is not that high. Here’s another blogger’s post about the benefits and another quality brand. If you’re a Lazy Primalist, go buy some. If you are trying to up your protein, the cost of adding on the collagen is a no-brainer because nutritionally speaking you probably need it to balance with eating muscle meats. It is supposed to have many health benefits making it a must-have if you are not into a perpetual stock pot, as Lazy Primalists are NOT!  I started taking it for joint health, but supposedly it helps prevent constipation, increase stomach acid (better digestion), deter aging, and balance hormones, and it completes the protein profile when paired with muscle meats.
  2. Yogurt: Also get yourself whatever kind of yogurt you can tolerate because that’s a great food to have in your diet. For anyone like me who is cow-dairy protein intolerant, the sheep or goat yogurt is a great option if you so desire, but it’s a little expensive to use as a protein shake. What I do: Use the Black Sheep yogurt or a goat yogurt as a dip or as a treat. (In other words, I consider it a protein supplement like I would a protein shake but I don’t actually use it in my shake, because it’s too special for that. I enjoy it on the spoon.)
  3. Protein base:
    A. Whey protein – I won’t go into the research on whey protein, but I believe it’s so good that I will give it to my kids at times. I keep it in the house for my husband and kids. And, if I could tolerate it, I would use it regularly instead of plant protein powder. It’s nutritionally superior. But, I cannot do cow dairy. And, I do not like the taste of goat whey protein—I’d rather eat goat yogurt straight up. Nutritionally, I would encourage you to try whey, if you can.
    B. Beef-based protein shake. I’ve tried the chocolate before and it’s actually quite good! However, due to price, I haven’t continued. Determine the overall quality of your diet and consider this product as a choice for your protein supplement.
    C. Plant protein powders are the third-tier—if you cannot tolerate whey protein, and if you need the extra protein, it may be “cheap enough.” Or, you may like my logic: Orgain is a convenient powder that already contains the erythritol, stevia and cocoa powder and works as a flavor base for my protein shake. I like that it’s digestible before my workout (fatty foods give me cramps if they are not digested before exercise).

Powder type




Where I purchase

Other places you could purchase

2 Tbsp.

Collagen Hydrolysate



50 cals

Great Lakes Gelatin in 6-canister case. I am also going to switch brands to …

1 scoop




75 cals


4 oz.

Black Sheep yogurt



100 cals

My local co-op The Wedge. I purchase a case at 10% discount. Individual carton will cost more.

Ask your local health food store.

More options for protein powders

1 scoop

Natural Factors Whey Factors (chocolate)



80 cals, The Wedge

Many others. Try

Mt. Capra Goat Whey Protein

Pure Bulk powdered proteins powdered proteins

Peanut Flour—for flavor!

I don’t even count the calories, fat or protein, because it’s so low. You will in fact get 3 g protein in 2 Tbsp. added to your shake.

Costco carries Honeyville brand ORGANIC peanut flour! You can use it so many ways. This is a must have on your Costco shopping list. If you cannot shop at Costco, you’ll have to do some research because I contacted Honeyville in 2015 and they told me that they do not have plans to bring this ORGANIC product to their online store. At this point, I consider this yet another reason to love Costco.

One response to “Protein Powders

  1. A note of clarification:

    OK, so the deal is that the collagen helps to assimilate the proteins of the meat. So, yes, eaten in the same meal they are synergistic. (according to another blogger)

    I would pick whey protein for anyone who doesn’t get sinus drainage or other dairy sensitivities. Natural Factors is a good brand. Egg protein is another good option and I would say it might be good to rotate types by the day to help prevent sensitizing to one type of protein. So, you could say Monday is egg, Tuesday is whey, Wednesday is plant and then back to egg on Thursday.

    Chris Kresser has a beef-based protein shake that tastes great but is expensive. For a person with a compromised gut, if you need some extra nutrition, you might want to try the beef—I liked the chocolate and it actually tastes better than most every other powder I’ve tried! I would like to take that but based on price I do not. Instead I take plant protein mix and as long as it is Organic I don’t have a lot of worries about it. So, I buy the Orgain from Costco because it’s a good price and convenient to pick it up. Pea, hemp, etc.

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