Rachel needs YOUR opinion on a calendar!


Do you have a (paper) calendar system that works well?

Please describe tools and processes you use to manage family appointments. Please describe how you remind yourself for appointments.

I’ve kept the Google calendar app on Android phone. But I have been missing appointments or inputting them onto the wrong date in that app (didn’t used to happen, but the new interface lends itself to this user error). I rely on my phone too heavily. I need to have a better place to record the appointment. And I’d like a way of reminding myself. If I have multiple appointments per day, or for really any other reason I can get momentarily distracted and totally forget an appointment.

I didn’t used to be this spacey. I need a system that helps me pay attention as well as be reminded when my attention gets diverted.


3 responses to “Rachel needs YOUR opinion on a calendar!

  1. Thanks to Tamara, I got started on my paper calendar and my new system is working beautifully.

  2. Tamara,
    Check out The Seven Minute Solution book and site. You will get some great tips from it for the nightly check in (that’s where the 7 minutes comes from). She developed a planner that works better for people in offices and such. I’ll be gestating my next steps. Thanks for sharing your ideas! – Rachel

  3. Well…..you are familiar with the fact that I’m a luddite. So, that said: Each year I buy an 81/2 x 11 calendar with a full month view. I use pencil and write in appointments, reminders, bdays, etc. At the beginning of the year I go to the school website and write in all the important dates for the rest of the school year. My reminder method: every evening I take a glance to see what is on the calendar for the next day. I only use the “month view” page. On the other pages that are sometimes present (week views, note pages, etc.) … I write “to-do” lists. When I’m done with a list, or feel like re-writing it, I tear out the un-used page. Viola! No one will ever get me to change this fool-proof method of paper and pencil! : )

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