Rachel’s Current Supplements October 2017

This is what my supplement routine looks like.  If you have any questions about it, let me know!  It’s always evolving.  This is tailored to me, and everyone should have their supplements personalized.


1.      5-HTP 50 mg for low serotonin. Tryptophan . 100mg on estrogen-crash days.

2.     Theanine

3.     Shake 1 or 2 contains:

inositol, collagen (glycine), Ashwagandha

4.     1 capsule of Jarrow Neuro Optimizer  (I will be switching over to my Cognition Improvement plan.)

5.     1 drop vitamin D3 + K2 Thorne Research

6.     Silica – important for brain. I take it for brain+ bone health and because we have some dementia in our family in elderly


7.     1 capsule Thorne Research 2/Day multivitamin

8.     KAL Drop Ins  B-6 B-12 Folic Acid

9.     Vitamin C – buffered or mineral ascorbate. Better with bioflavanoids.

10.  sometimes:  1-2 Brazil nuts for selenium

11.  Magnesium Glycinate (only take this if I don’t get my Shake containing collagen.  I would prefer to take collagen.)

I’ve had good results with Jarrow Neuro Optimizer. I’m doing that now to lower cost from previous routine with Seeking Health Optimal PC. I’m also now adding Inositol to my shakes to make up for any loss of inosital from this switchover.


Stopped: Vitex (Herb Pharm tincture) for female hormone regulation.

#1, #2, #3- these are the mood-enhancing supplements that I’ve come to rely on for a a more steady, good mood.



1.       Bitters optional

2.       Vitamin C ascorbates

3.    1 capsule of Jarrow Neuro Optimizer 

4.      1 capsule Thorne Research 2/Day multivitamin

5.     If stressed, take 1 Magtein


PMS / Stress / Irritability:

·       ADD B6 WITH magnesium and take it WITH the 2nd part of your daily multivitamin so it can synergize with the other B vitamins.

·       -OR-  take a B complex

·Gelatin or collagen


1.       5htp 50mg (100 mg if PMS)

2.       Adrenal Support Tea, herbs (calcium and other minerals)

3.     If stressed and irritable, +Pure Tranquility (GABA, theanine, glycine)

4.    Pumpkin seeds, Quinoa, Cashews, Almonds


PMS / Stress / Irritability:

·       200mg of magnesium together with 50mg of B6 has been shown to alleviate anxiety-related PMS symptoms, as well as menstrual weight gain, breast tenderness and cramps.

·       Kava


1.       Bitters optional

2.       Vitamin C if noticing stress, illness, or histamine




Optionals:  I try to remember to take these if I eat out at restaurants, fast food:


Vitamin C

fish oil: 1 tsp. Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega


1.     1 drop vitamin D3 + K2 Thorne Research – You can take doses spread out or once per week. If you have trouble sleeping, spread it out to take it every night. Teeth benefit from K2 drops more frequently.

2.      Magnesium L-Threonate a.k.a. “Magtein”

3.    gelatin/collagen (if agitated, restless, need calming)

Always drink non-chlorinated water so that you are not killing off the bacteria in your gut!  We use reverse osmosis on our municipal-source water.


Things I’m not doing now and will re-visit later:

Parsley smoothie few times per week (anti-inflammatory)

Lemon water, warm before breakfast

HCL (take 40 minutes after meals)


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