Rachel’s Progress Report

Exhibit 1: 7 Dangers of Low Carbohydrate Diets for women [and those with compromised health]

I’m eating carbs over here! (Within Primal boundaries)

I’m going to make a potato salad this weekend with sweet potatoes, blue potatoes, artichoke hearts from jar, fresh dill.

Progress Report on all my doings.

I am feeling "better." I think it’s a combination of 4 things:

  1. Today I’m in the first half of my female cycle, so that’s a no-brainer and temporary, BUT, I did just go through the second half of my cycle and it was better than usual. See # 3
  2. Diet and regimen (see below)
  3. I sparingly use 5htp only on SOME days. This has both the immediate effect but also a longer term effect that if I can avoid the "fallout" from inter-personal conflicts, then I get a COMPOUNDING effect of positivity.
  4. Positivity compounding by mentally tuning into the good things. I’m not specifically meditating, but seeking little bits of positive things. Huh. (And, can I just say "I’m awesome," because this is really hard with 2 pre-teens who have been raised by my negativity self. This takes continual turn-arounds, sometimes by the minute. And, I am far from equanamous by any stretch of the imagination.)

I’m actually getting used to the diet. I wish I had more routine/easy, but thus far I think the paired down choices I have makes it in some ways easier. (Though sometimes more difficult to FIND food, the mental simplicity from a narrowed menu is sort of easier). What’s weird is that even within the strict limits, I have found too many foods that I can eat–so that I find I haven’t yet got more space in my fridge!! Everything is seemingly affected: the way I grocery shop, for one. It’s still too full of stuff (including the other stuff the family eats).

So, then I take a step back and try to account for my ACCOMPLISHMENTS:

(Some of these were already happening before, so if you look at this and freak out, then know that I am building on prior changes here and taking it to my own new level.)

Almost total avoidance of the following for past 2 months+

  • chocolate – and when I had some it didn’t resonate as highly as before. I found myself almost wanting the strawberry more than the chocolate.
  • all dairy. I even gave up the goat and sheep because I had to because of the hives and then an infection which I still can’t explain and wants to hang on but slowly ebbs away.
  • sugar
  • gluten (woops, had some this week) it was a hamburger bun and the yeast gave me typical itching reaction.
  • my personal potential aggravators: oats, dandy blend due to the barley, some others.
  • restaurants – still doing some but very little due to budget. I ate sushi (no shellfish) and I think the cheap soy sauce gave me my typical yeasty reaction that night.
  • no shellfish
  • sodas: very few zevia sodas and basically have given them up despite that I have some in the pantry. No other sodas.
  • corn but not religiously. Like I don’t have corn chips now. But, I did eat popcorn a couple of days.
  • soy (but a less soy sauce than before)
  • mercury amalgam dental fillings. I got the last of these out this past year, so maybe some of the good stuff is now more easily happening than before?

What’s working:

  • I love the juicer dad re-gifted to me. Meredith likes the macerated frozen fruits ("sorbet"), as do I.
  • I am juicing. Including parsley and beets to get some detox going. My stools loosened up a lot as soon as I started drinking beets (and nausea the first day). I’m hoping to get the bad estrogens and crap out of my liver.
  • chlorella. I may not take this every day, but it was working for a couple of weeks and I will return to it as needed. Good for heavy metal removal.
  • I love frozen mangoes as they just start to thaw out (Costco). Whenever I have a hint of cravings at night I go for these.
  • Not having hives. That totally works for me because I can eat leftovers now.
  • Simple pureed broccoli soup.
  • In effect, I have very little cravings. As I review the list I can see the huge contrast from before reading "Depression Free Naturally" and going down this road.
  • I have eaten some white rice.
  • No pigging out (because I can do that with any of my GOOD foods if I get the urge, but I just mostly don’t because this regimen is WORKING!)
  • Trying to stay with enzymes but I don’t know if I will be able to afford them regularly in the future. I will continue to assess digestion.
  • Need more reminders to chew my food.
  • Magnesium Glycinate. The glycine is a calming amino acid–I’ve been self medicating with that for years! Now I know why.

I’m actually giving myself an A+ just for hitting such a high mark this past 2 months.

Good old quote I used to say: "I don’t need it to be easy, I just need it to work."

Many, many times in the past several years, I said to others and myself, "I need it to be easier."

And there’s truth in both.

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  1. Plantains! These are now on my routine grocery list. They are super versatile and yummy. I browned them in coconut oil this morning and ate for breakfast.

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