Rachel’s Trader Joe’s Picks

Junk Food!

Updates!  You can see what kinds of junk food we actually have in our house.  Trader Joe’s is good for a once or twice a month stock-up.

Tuscano Marinara Sauce – good flavor, this is one of my go-to products. It’s “low fat” except for some extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) so that you may add your own prized form of fat. Small amount of sugar 6g per 1/2 cup. Trader Joe’s has a statement that none of their canned goods contain BPA in the liner.

Brown Basmati Rice from India – This is not Organic but I look for rice that mentions, as this one does, that the fields are located at the foothills of the Himalayas. Because of this, it hopefully contains more minerals.

Cashew Butter – this is the silkiest and best tasting cashew butter I have found.  Even my kids enjoy this as much as peanut butter.  It does have a buttery taste.

Plantain Chips – look for a little purple and yellow looking bag near the chips.

Pickles – our favorite kosher dills come from here in a jar near the olives

Chocolate Chips  – when I cannot get the fair trade choc. chips at Costco, I buy them at Joe’s

What I bought in 2016

For Me:

Celery (organic)

Wild Arugula/Rocket

Baby spinach (My 12 year old oddly started eating spinach by being introduced to it at Subway)

Turkey Hotdogs

Frozen artichokes

Frozen peaches, figs

frozen mixed vegetables

Premade salads

Pico de Gallo

Organic Potatoes

Dried coconut strips

Marcona almonds with Rosemary

Omega 3 Cranberries

Canned Salmon

For the Dog: dried chicken strips

For Them:

Red Powder for the kids (hey, I try, People!)

baby carrots, sugar snap peas,

I don’t usually buy tree fruit here.  I do buy citrus, kiwi, bananas.

Breakfast Bars with seeds (in white package near cookies)

Corned Beef, uncured sliced (sandwich style)

Roast Beef

Smoked Turkey lunchmeat Applegate

Shredded sharp cheddar cheese

herbed chevre cheese

Sriacha Ranch salad dressing for hubby (for when I am short on time and cannot make his Ranch dressing)

frozen meatballs party size

frozen pizza crusts

frozen Cheese Blintzes

Seaweed snacks

buttermilk to make hubby’s salad dressing

Cream Cheese, Organic Heavy Whipping Cream, Organic Sour Cream

Various chippy snacks (inc. Everything Pretzel Slims, Pickle Corn, Crunchy Curls made with lentil flour, Organic Corn Dippers (Fritos))

jam or jelly (lower sugar varieties)

Candied pecans, Nutty Bars (found near the nuts and snacks)

Cookies, Vanilla Meringues, Joe Joes (like Oreos. At Christmas time they have mint which my family loves. Lots of stocking things can come from Trader Joe’s)

Marshmallows (vegan)

Dark Chocolate Honey Mint Patties

Vanilla Ice Cream – My family used to be fans of Breyer’s vanilla bean, but this Vanilla ice cream is the best!

Special Occasions: 

Cinnamon Rolls (refrigerated dough in tube)

Unfiltered Apple Juice. It’s shelf stable, so I buy it in the fall and keep around for making hot spiced cider whenever the whim overtakes me.

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