RECIPE: Oatmeal Latte (with adaptations)

Hey, Friends:

howsweeteats-com-oatmeal-latteA recipe for a healthy breakfast treat!  Soooo nice for a weekend breakfast in jammies.  It’s great as is, with a dose of beta glucan (oats)– your colon will thank you. But, can we make it more Paleo for me (and you)?

What adaptations can you think of to this recipe for Oatmeal Latte from Jessica Merchant?

Here’s what I did with this recipe, thus far:

  • My favorite coffee bar drink is a Miel, basically a latte sweetened with honey (the “miel” in Miel), and cinnamon. So, I made this into a Oatmeal Miel.
  • soaked steel cut oats in almond milk overnight in fridge.
  • used my go-to Mt. Hagen decaffeinated instant coffee granules (bought on Thrive Market)

I will not eat oats more than once a week because I tested sensitive a long time ago, so I don’t want to overdo it. But, I did try this recipe for Oatmeal Latte and it was so comforting and delish!  I want to try again very soon with more adaptations. Probably some chia (I might buy some white seeds just for this). Maybe some other type of ground, soaked nuts. Maybe some rice porridge.

2 responses to “RECIPE: Oatmeal Latte (with adaptations)

  1. I have tried this a couple of times with buckwheat groats. Not quite as luxurious, but good for food allergen and paleo option!

  2. Sounds interesting even though I don’t drink coffee. Might try it with decaf or even chai tea!

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