RECIPE – Rachel’s Caramel Sauce – Vegan (dates)

Really good with apple slices for dipping.

This sauce has lots of fiber, healthy fat, and minerals.


21 deglet noor Dates, pitted (1/2 cup smash-packed with dried dates)

1/2 cup warm coconut oil, Extra Virgin

2 Tbsp. blackstrap molasses, room temp or warmed

1/4 tsp. sea salt

1 tsp. vanilla extract

Hot water


Place all ingredients in a food processor. Blend until becoming smooth. Add hot water a tablespoon at a time. The key is consistency. To become a sauce, process as long as it takes, scraping down a few times, until the mixture turns glossy. It should only require a few tablespoons of hot water. Blend til smooth and runny–like melted caramel.


You can also re-heat the sauce in the oven, but it will tend to separate a little. Reheating on the stovetop while stirring gives a better consistency.

Optional: In the caramel sauce I used in the recipe for the Un-Cereal Bars, I also included 2 Tbsp. tahini, which required a little more hot water in the sauce. It’s a nutritive addition, and I don’t think it changed the taste very much. So, use it if ya got it!

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