RECIPE: Simplest iPot Stew

Using my Instant Pot (iPot) yesterday, had my own criteria for a super simple meat dish. This was surprisingly super yummy and easy. I’ll be making again soon.

Before you get going, plan your base vegetable (traditionally mashed or baked potatoes). I baked spaghetti squash and served the stew on top. You could use steamed cauliflower.

Use the iPot’s saute setting, brown chopped white onions or shallots in butter til brown but not burned. Time saver: frozen chopped onions.

Add a block of FROZEN stew meat, 1 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp. each onion powder and garlic powder and 1 CUP WATER. Use the stew setting for 35 minutes of high pressure cooking.

Remove the lid (Work fast!) and add carrot chunks and celery pieces (and potato?) and SLOW COOK for 2 hours. During this time, bake your spaghetti squash or cook your choice of vegetable base.

Thicken the gravy using a slurry of potato starch and water, stirring on the Saute setting just until thickened.

Add pepper if you know you are not sensitized to it.

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