RECIPE: Tao Bowls

Special Thanks to Tao Natural Foods Cafe in Minneapolis, MN.

Serve like you would a taco bar (buffet style), where people can choose their toppings.

Rice, avocado, beans (something like black beans or cannellini or red beans)

Option A:  raw onions (I prefer green onions) and tomatoes. Great with toasted sesame oil!

Option B:  steamed veggies like summer squash plus sauerkraut (like Bubbies brand)

Bonus: You could add cooked green beans which are excellent with toasted sesame oil.

Nearly Mandadory: Both options are good with Bragg’s Liquid Aminos or tamari.  I think it’s the toasted sesame oil which is heavenly to me, and Bragg’s with it is BAM!

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  1. Also, I would add chicken for those with higher protein requirements. Salmon would be great, too. If you do this dinner, please tell what and how you served it!

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