Relaxation Tools

Need some extra help relaxing?  Staying calm?  Here are some of my favorite relaxation aids:

  • Amino Acids – See my Mood Repair category throughout the site and stay tuned!  Nutrition is my #1 Mood Repair tool. Glycine is one of my favorites. Try taking homemade bone stock (if it gelled, hence has the gelatin/collagen in it), or powdered gelatin. Read more on gelatin throughout my site.  Theanine is also one of my emerging favorites and is in my daily routine.
  • Adequate magnesium supplement.  Try magnesium glycinate (it has glycine in it).
  • Level blood sugar. Eating every 4 hours and include some protein. Eliminate refined sugars and sweeteners as much as you can and keep making it a life-long practice.
  • Exercise.
  • Yoga.
  • Proper Posture. Don’t slump, it constricts your breathing.
  • Breathe!
  • Vagal Nerve stimulation
  • Plenty of sleep so that the blood sugar and endocrine system can regulate, and your brain can get enough stored glucose the next day.
  • Adrenal Support Tea.
  • Especially for muscles and preparing to fall asleep – Hot bath with baking soda AND epsom salt. Add 1 drop of lavender essential oil. Apply magnesium oil on neck area (because neck doesn’t soak in the tub).
  • Magnesium oil
  • Essential Oils – try using at the same time of the day when you are doing other routine things such as putting on your pajamas and getting cozy. Pretty soon, you have an association between the smell and the cues.  I keep my EOs in and on my bedroom dresser, so I have a “center” of self-care. My bedroom is a haven of calm relaxation. If you need a source of EOs, please comment or email me!
  • Flower Essences –  I don’t use these, but thought it worth a mention. These are like homeopathic version of flowers and mostly used for moods and emotions.

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