Softer Jeans (don’t constrict your fascia)

I’m on another jag to my lifestyle changes… softer clothing, less restriction. For one thing it constricts fascia, encouraging fat to build up in spots (according to Ashley Black).

So, I’m trying out several brands for both my daughter and my self. I’ll also get some knit Levi’s for my son. Here are some rabbit holes for you to go down. 

Exhibit 1. Liverpool jeans. I bought some directly from Liverpool and awaiting their delivery. Now I see that they are on Amazon, perhaps not in as many color choices. “Because of our unique fabric blends and advancements in fit, we are able to offer a solution to all ages and body types. Jill and her team have balanced the jean to fit your unique shape. 4-Way Stretch Denim and Dual FX® T-400® are just a few examples of the technology used to create the popular Liverpool fit.” With Liverpool, they will email you a 20% off code right away. I’m ordering several in 2 sizes to utilize the coupon and then will have to return the ones I don’t want.

Exhibit 2. Soft Surroundings has some that could be the same fabric but the details show that thye are not Liverpool brand. It seems likely that T-400 fabric be the same as Liverpools.
“Every Triple S jean is made with breakthrough XFIT LYCRA® fabric using revolutionary LYCRA® T400 fiber. That means these jeans stretch four ways to lift, sculpt, support and hold their shape wear after wear, wash after wash. ” And these come in several colors.

Exhibit 3. Then there’s the Levi’s Signature for Women, come in Long sizes too, for only $20 Amazon prime. This is similar to 1 & 2 above.

Softer Than That!…
Exhibit 4.
But, there’s an even softer jean type. You must search for “knit jean” and you must read between the lines to make sure you’re getting jeans which Levi’s says “feel like sweatpants.”

You are looking for the term “knit jeans” and here are some examples:

Abiguous terms you must sort through and look carefully to figure out if the fabric is actually knit vs. denim with stretch added. There are some tell tale signs to look for, but it’s subtle and difficult for me to even describe. Check for free return shipping in case you don’t like them!

Khol’s Free shipping if you spend $75.
Levi’s girls’ jeggings
girls’ Mudd jeggings

Amazon $20 Prime
Levi’s video here.

Or, on Amazon I there are several brands like “pajamajeans” when you search for “knit jeans.”

Good luck! Report back any findings you figure out!

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