DIY: Staining Wood Trim

What you want to know:  Buy your wood stain at Hirschfield’s, not Home Depot!  To see my evidence…

Room no. 1:

In the photo above, here’s what’s shown…
ON THE FLOOR: on Left: unfinished new trim. on Right: stain samples from Home Depot.

ON THE WALL: on the Right the baseboards  are the original. On the Left are the baseboards which I just stained using stains from Hirschfield’s Paint Store.  We are really happy with the final results.  I will never buy wood stain from Home Depot again.  Hirschfield’s stains just worked.  (I didn’t have to pay the $20 matching fee on this one because they found a product that was already the correct color.)

room No. 2, same wood, different stain:

The coloring turned out different on these 3 photos, but these are all the same corner, same room. I did pay $20 for Hirschfield’s to custom match.

I will buy wood stain from Hirschfield’s from now on!

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