Sucralose? Erythritol? Stevia?

Take a look at this article explaining the latest research on sucralose, a non-nutritive sweetener (NNS).

It has me wondering about erythritol, and even stevia. I’ve actually wondered this exact question many times before: What is the “tricking” effect of tasting sweet but not ingesting actual calories doing to my metabolism or hunger mechanisms?

The easier answer may be in my latest version of paleo diet in which I eat plenty of food, 4 servings of protein per day, lots of vegetable and fruits and no added sweeteners. My appetite seems to regulate wonderfully and I get plenty of sweet with the fruits.

I also get help with appetite regulation by improving my neurotransmitter status.

Note that there’s a reciprocal effect going on with NNS’s.  I think I read that aspartame interferes with serotonin, while having enough serotonin actually makes it much easier to regulate appetite.  So the very diet drinks people are consuming to get a sweet fix is the very thing leading to a more active appetite!

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