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Adrenal Support Tea (Tisane)

I have thoroughly implemented this recipe for Adrenal Support Tea into my Winter regimen.  Here are my tips for doing so.  “Tisane” means “Herbal tea,” or in other words, a (hot) water extraction of plant materials.  Continue reading

B6 capsules on Amazon

Pricing out B6 capsules:

B6 stand alone capsules in P-5-P form

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Sleep Hours Affect Immunity

Sleep and Susceptibility to the Common Cold in the journal, Sleep.
In a landmark memo, my husband announced last night that we need to get to bed at 9:00 pm every night.

Time to re-up our routines! King Winter is creeping out on the horizon.

New iPhone Bedtime

Will this app brush my teeth for me before it shuffles me off to bed? I’ve been staying up way too late lately. Oddly enough, in the service of researching health topics. I’m a driven hypocrite. There are particular neurotransmitters I am not deficient in… I’m going to go take more GABA now.

What’s your best bedtime?

Just enter in your wake-up time, and the Sleepyti.me calculator will give you a bedtime that ensures you wake up between REM sleep cycles.


Also, the first 4 hours of sleep need to start before 10:00 pm so that you don’t stimulate the liver to dump glycogen. If it does that then the next day you will be tired and crave carbs. Terrible for fat loss and endocrine health. Feel free to ping me as often as possible this year while I try to make myself go to bed before 10 p.m. every night. I feel like it’s the #1 thing we stumble on that could really improve our health. For sure I’m guilty.