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Heart-butt, Please be Mine. and… Physical Therapy!!

be mineDr. Kelley Starrett does not look like your average doctor.  He’s a doctor of physical therapy and he teaches CrossFit instructors as well as military and top athletes. This is the guy by whom you wish your physical therapist had been trained.  He’s got three amazing books out.  You only need to know about one or two of them.  Here’s some scoop.



Becoming a Supple Leopard, 2nd Edition. 

I’m studying this book and already I want to buy my own copy!  It’s an instruction and reference manual with tons of photos and detailed explanation on how to create a neurologically sound and strong core strength.  You can begin to do this without even adding an exercise routine. The first and #1 step is becoming conscious of working certain muscles while standing and just going about your day.

Make sure you get the 2nd edition from 2015. it is written more for laypersons. 2015 addresses issues of novice, resolve pain, prevent injury. 2013 version was for athletes and coaches.

check it out: http://www.allthingsgym.com/50-page-sample-of-kelly-starretts-book-becoming-a-supple-leopard/

His website with 500 free videos is mobilityWOD.com. Or go to www.youtube.com/user/sanfranciscocrossfit

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Up next:  his book Deskbound, for those people who sit all day.

As I wrote this, I stood at my standing desk with one foot on a kettlebell (in lieu of a short stool, and the other leg braced in neutral position. This in itself is a workout.  I’m doing these posture corrections all day long and getting strong!

Heart-butt, you will be mine.


The next book I’m reading

I just picked this book up at the library. Thanks for tuning in. I hope everyone is nourishing their adrenal glands this week. And, preparing for a nourishing, relaxing, grateful, connecting-with-someone Thanksgiving.

P.S. More books on the subject of the healthy intersection of brain and body— and getting to happy from wherever you are:  Mood Repair Books List

Mood Repair Books List


All of these books deal with evidence-based, non-pharmaceutical, natural methods for repairing the biochemical environment of the brain: the body!—through basic and therapeutic nutrition, plus lifestyle changes.  I keep finding more doctors who are trying to get this same message across!  The books each have a different way of approaching it, but all are saying basically the same thing: make some changes and you CAN feel better.

[Added 11/17/2016] A Mind of Your Own by Kelly Brogan, a practicing psychiatrist with a degree in cognitive neuroscience from MIT, and MD from Weill Cornell Medical College, and clinical training from NYU School of Medicine. This book is geared toward women.

The Mood Cure by Julie Ross – Quotes from Larson’s approach (see next). Good starter quiz on her website: Mood Type Questionnaire

Depression Free Naturally by Joan Mathews Larson (her clinic is located in my neighborhood) – This one contains the most info on the chemistry.

Healing Anxiety and Depression: Based on Cutting-Edge Brain Imaging Science by Daniel G. Amen. Dr. Amen is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Look up AmenClinics.com.  This book is on my list. Meanwhile I’ve been listening to an audiobook of his Change your Brain, Change Your Age. And, skipping around in Unleash The Power of the Female Brain.

The Chemistry of Joy and The Workbook– I listened to the audio book.  This book balances the lifestyle changes along with meditative and cognitive approaches.

Ultramind Solution: Fix Your Broken Brain by Healing Your Body First and other books by Mark Hyman, M.D.  – This one goes very much in depth. I haven’t read it (yet), but his books are featured at the clinic where I am going to an integrative doc. I looked over some documentation where he walks you through specific troubleshooting of many different health issues. If you are male, you might want to look at The Chemistry of Joy for a similar approach using a holistic approach to lifestyle impacts.