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Is Thrive Market membership for you?

To shop on ThriveMarket.com, you’ll need to purchase an annual membership.  I think it will be worth it under certain conditions:   Continue reading

Where to shop for groceries

In this post, I will boil down my years of honing my shopping strategies for groceries, including food, pantry and cleaning products, and health and body products.

Where to purchase groceries is an individual decision based on budget, quality & types, breadth of selection/stock, timing, and convenience/location. But, among my friends and family, most people are making similar kinds of choices. So, there are some assumptions to be made that might apply to most of us. Continue reading

BRAINSTORM: Perk up Family Food

Today, my sister-in-law called me to ask me about what kinds of things I buy at Costco to help her perk up their family meals and breakfasts. Guess where I was! Yep, you guessed it. I was in Costco.  So, we talked my way through Costco just brainstorming ideas for her family, and trying to be healthy on a budget.

Maybe you will like some of these ideas right now for the holiday crunch time. These aren’t the ideas I told my sister in law. These are the ideas I had after our talk.  Welcome to another installment from the Brain of Rachel.

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Cheap Eats: What if “Food Stamps”?

Here’s an interesting article series if you want to think about pushing the boundaries of eating as well (healthfully) as possible while spending the least amount of money.   Continue reading