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Christmas cookies!

The Lazy Primalist and all aspiring Lazy People should enlist an industrious or particularly holiday-enthusiastic person to bake cookies with the kids.

Mantra for the holidays: “I am a facilitator.”

Then retreat while it happens.

Then reappear to eat (only a couple).

RECIPE: Simple Hot Cider

Here’s how I throw together a hot drink quickly for Halloween or winter holidays.  Keep the shelf stable “cider” in your pantry, and you can whip this up anytime the mood strikes. Continue reading

RECIPE: Baked Pie Crust Tips

baked piesHere are some deep thoughts about making pies for Thanksgiving.  I made an apple and a pumpkin the night before Turkey Day.  Give this a read and you may try something different when you make your pies this Christmas.  The methods here described are taken heavily from The America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook (see below).  Oven temp seems to be where most pies go wrong.   Continue reading

RECIPE: My Family’s Thanksgiving Stuffing

This is the recipe that my family has followed since my Grandma started making it for family Christmas meals.  It’s been a part of every Thanksgiving and some Christmases that I can ever remember.  I’ve made it for all the years that I wasn’t at Grandma’s house for the big meal.  My hubby didn’t grow up with it, but it is his favorite dish. If we cook a turkey, we’re making this stuffing. We don’t actually stuff the turkey with it.  There is no telling where this recipe came from.  My Grandma found it and now it’s been slightly tweeked over the years. Continue reading