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Eat more turkey! And… Need turkey recipes!

Please send in turkey recipes – especially the tastiest or easiest!

This article extols the virtues of turkey for its amino acid profile. It’s a great place to start to get an overview of proteins in food.

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RECIPE HACK: Italian Sausage (chicken)

Here’s an easy way to make low-fat chicken Italian sausage–a product you surely will have trouble finding in the stores.┬áPoultry, eggs and fish are major sources of protein for me. Yesterday I picked up a special order of ground chicken (from The Wedge). Tonight I’ll be putting Italian Seasoning on it and then I can use it on pizza. Continue reading

What’s your best bedtime?

Just enter in your wake-up time, and the Sleepyti.me calculator will give you a bedtime that ensures you wake up between REM sleep cycles.


Also, the first 4 hours of sleep need to start before 10:00 pm so that you don’t stimulate the liver to dump glycogen. If it does that then the next day you will be tired and crave carbs. Terrible for fat loss and endocrine health. Feel free to ping me as often as possible this year while I try to make myself go to bed before 10 p.m. every night. I feel like it’s the #1 thing we stumble on that could really improve our health. For sure I’m guilty.