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Relaxation Tools

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Adrenal Support Tea (Tisane)

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My Vitamin D levels

Why you care:

A) Maybe you have a high need for supp like I do and want to know what dosage you could be taking if you haven’t tested in awhile.

B) you need a nudge to go get re-tested. If so, you may need to convince your doctor and for insurance purposes you might need to say something like this: “I tested low in the past and have been taking a <high dose> of D3 and I want to make sure that my levels aren’t going too high.”

One doctor recently denied me a re-test. She was the same doctor who had previously freaked out when I had a high Vit D result (consequently she had my liver levels tested). She must have forgotten that, because this month, she stated there’s no correlation between fatigue and low vitamin D levels and she didn’t want to order the test.

I know better than that. As you will recall since I got on this bandwagon, I had a VERY CLEAR turnaround when I was so physically tired I could hardly function, just wanted to sleep all day (early 2011). I realized I hadn’t been taking Vit D for awhile, so I started back on it on a high dose and within 3 days had regained a ton of energy.

I’ve re-tested many times to figure out my level and have stabilized now with 4,000 IU per day.

Every person may be different, which is why each person should undergo this process. I have never had to order a home saliva test, but if I ever cannot get a doctor to do the test for me, that’s what I will do.

A different doctor wanted a re-test, so I did get it tested this week. I have been having tests done 1-2 times per year for a few years in order to get this dialed in, which at the same time being very consistent with my supplementation.

I have been taking 4000 IU per day of D3. I finally feel comfortable that I won’t need to test twice a year.

It’s all a little cludgy, because I was off of Cod Liver Oil for 2 weeks before having this test done. But, my doc wants me to take high-EPA fish oil instead of CLO. So, I’m not very concerned.

My next steps:

  • Aim for 4000 IU per day supplement of D3.
  • If I add other supplements that contain D, lower my main dose.
  • Perhaps to get consistent I could take 28,000 per week. But, having digestive issues, I have been taking it daily.
  • Re-test in a year or two. Maybe test every 3 years after that?
  • if I do get a dose of sun, I don’t take a dose that day or next day. I usually use sunscreen now: Being a redhead and having already had large doses of sun; having brown spots all over my arms and legs.