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Groundhog Day is coming!

Do you have any traditions on Groundhog Day?

I started a new tradition for my family for Feb 2.  For a couple of years now I make fudge with the kids. Why?  Because my Grandpa made

Christmas cookies!

The Lazy Primalist and all aspiring Lazy People should enlist an industrious or particularly holiday-enthusiastic person to bake cookies with the kids.

Mantra for the holidays: “I am a facilitator.”

Then retreat while it happens.

Then reappear to eat (only a couple).

Healthier Holidays to You!

Over the years, Erik and have gained ground on healthier life habits, but we are aware the big temptations of the year are ahead of us. I enlisted my Mom and Sis to text me about things they are eating that are NOT loaded with carbs and sugar. We can encourage each other!

What are your encouragers?  Pick someone to encourage you on a habit you know will be a challenge for you this holiday season!  Have a plan for at least some check-ins!

Here’s one of my healthy habits…

A breakfast plan. My jars ready with my seed routine (which I am doing as a month’s long experiment for female hormone health). I measure in items ahead of time, so I have several mornings’ worth of time savers.

Do you have some jars? What can you put in them?

RECIPE: Cocoa Fudge

Cocoa Fudge

This is a recipe from a traditional American cookbook.  Grandpa Nelson made this often when I was a kid. Serve it when watching Jacques Cousteau or The Muppet Show or Nature documentaries.

2 c. sugar-white, brown or maple

2 tsp. corn syrup or agave syrup

1 c. cream, milk, or water

2/3 c. cocoa

1/2 tsp. salt

2 Tbsp. butter

1 tsp. vanilla

raw walnuts or toasted pecans

In a heavy pan, cook sugar, syrup, milk, cocoa, and salt over low heat; stir occasionally to prevent burning.  Boil to a softball stage, 234 degrees.  The cold-water test is most reliable.  Add butter and vanilla. Cool until lukewarm and beat with a wooden spoon until thickened and creamy.  Press into buttered plates. Quickly, press nuts into the top. Mark into squares and cut.