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Soul Journaling 201

LYRA Water-Soluble Colored PencilsFeeling a little more confident in your skills with the waterbrush?  I’ve found some great little products (at good prices) to extend your talents.

Here are water brush pens, paper, blank journals, paper brands and a video about using water color pencils with a plain-water brush. Continue reading

Journaling pen

For years, the Pentel R.S.V.P. pen has been my favorite. But I stumbled on one that writes so smoothly that it helps me write faster. This is great because, while I’m a very fast typist, I have trouble journaling because my hand cannot keep up with my mind.  The Pilot Precise V7 RT is my new top choice.  If you have a fast writing pen, please tell me so I can try it out!

Maybe the next step is finding the right paper too.

Soul Journaling Pouches for Sale

Dear Soul Journaling Beginners and Enthusiasts,

03 small

03 Emerald Floral $17 plus Shipping. Email Rachel@LazyPrimalist.com

My mother, Rebecca Ross, has been sewing pouches to fit the materials with which Linda Bergh supplied us for the Soul Journaling class. The journal book, paint set and the water brush and micron pen fit inside. The pouch is made from reclaimed materials (decorator fabric swatches). Each one is unique, no two are the same. All pouches have a lining which we try to coordinate with the fabric.

Your price: $17 plus shipping Continue reading

BEAUTIFUL: Being an artist in many ways. Soul Journaling

IMG_20151113_120233128I found the illustrator Robin Brickman through a book called A Log’s Life, in which the illustrations are simply incredible and awe-inspiring.  But, I Am an Artist speaks directly to the Soul Journalist. Here is a sampling, just in case you cannot check out this book from your local library. Continue reading

Books for watercolor painting and Soul Journaling

These are picture books to inspire your Soul Journaling.  Yes, you can start soul journaling now!


Ish or Creatrilogy by Peter H. Reynolds. Ish is a little story about drawing and getting past needing the drawing to look realistic or perfect. You may find that you are willing to draw things “ish” instead of perfect.

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Soul Journaling 101

Friends, this is how you, yes you, can get started in Soul Journaling.  I sent a set of the materials to my mom, who I know will use them. Dear Mom, this post is for you.  Everything I learned about Soul Journaling started with Linda Bergh.  If you happen to be in Minneapolis, take a class with Linda Bergh!

You do not need to have any artistic skills.

It’s in a private journal.  Noone else has to see this. Continue reading