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Costco rocks! The Mayo

RECIPE: French Meadow Vinaigrette

A basic vinaigrette as told to me by French Meadow restaurant

This is hard to mess up because it’s so simple. I asked for the list of ingredients in the restaurant because the salad was so delicious. I attribute it to the while balsamic and the simplicity.

White or Golden Balsamic vinegar

Garlic flavored olive oil (Trader Joe’s in a slender bottle)

Fresh cracked pepper


Baby greens

Good with a diced hard cooked egg or some soft, crumbled goat’s cheese

Mix the salad well with the dressing ingredients to get the leaves coated, compacted and slightly wilted.

RECIPES: Kale Salads

What is just the right dressing and toppings on a fresh kale salad?  I have my eye out for kale salad dressings. Here will be a growing list. If you have one that you like, please put it in the comments!

stupideasypaleo.com crunch kale saladKale Salad with Cranberries and Cashews

Crunchy Kale Salad by Stupid Easy Paleo