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Relaxation Tools

Need some extra help relaxing?  Staying calm?  Here are some of my favorite relaxation aids: Continue reading

Sleep Hours Affect Immunity

Sleep and Susceptibility to the Common Cold in the journal, Sleep.
In a landmark memo, my husband announced last night that we need to get to bed at 9:00 pm every night.

Time to re-up our routines! King Winter is creeping out on the horizon.

New iPhone Bedtime

Will this app brush my teeth for me before it shuffles me off to bed? I’ve been staying up way too late lately. Oddly enough, in the service of researching health topics. I’m a driven hypocrite. There are particular neurotransmitters I am not deficient in… I’m going to go take more GABA now.

I am not busy.

I am not busy.

Or, at least I am thinking hard about how not to be busy. And, I have to say, I am starting to get there.

“Isn’t ‘Lazy’ a negative connotation? Do you want your blog to be associated with ‘lazy’?”

Well, I think most of us are either workaholics or driven extrinsically to do too much. But, I’ll just speak for myself here. I’m both. So, when trying to be as Lazy as possible, it all works out in the end. I’m still doing stuff. I hardly ever get to eat bon bons. I rarely watch television of any kind.

That’s fine. What I’m shooting for is a lot more:

  • sleep
  • reading
  • sitting (alone or near someone I like cuddling with)
  • gentle exercises I learn in physical therapy
  • walking outdoors

Get inspired by this quick blog post from the Marriage Geek family therapist:


Make your game a winnable game. Set the bar “lower.”

P.S. Do I wonder what would happen if everyone became so low-key, lazy, and less “productive”? Yep. But, let’s not argue about whether this is for everyone. This is for parents and caretakers, especially the person most responsible for taking care of children and elderly. Because if you are, then you are already doing [one of] the most important jobs in the world. I’m not going to worry about whether the world will come to an end if I sit down. I think I’ll notice it before it gets that bad. For now, I’m calming the world down one person at a time, starting with myself, and osmotically, the other 3 people I live with.

Tri-Core Pillow for Sleeping Spine Alignment

Tri-Core pillowPillow for supporting the spinal alignment

I just ordered this pillow and can’t wait to try it!  I did order mine on Amazon and it was a better price, but the information on the manufacturer’s website is much more detailed so I will link directly there. Core Products International Pillows are made in U.S.A.  There are competitive products made by Body Sport and others on Amazon (look in the Related Products when viewing this product).

There is something called the Proper Pillow, but it seems like a rip off, both in that it is one-size fits all, probably developed to get in on the market, but Core Products looks like a company that is more dedicated to providing a lot of different products to fit different people and a variety of problems. I want to work with Core Products because if my pillow doesn’t exactly work I think they will be able to help me get into the right product for me. Plus, their products are half the price of the Proper Pillow.



What’s your best bedtime?

Just enter in your wake-up time, and the Sleepyti.me calculator will give you a bedtime that ensures you wake up between REM sleep cycles.


Also, the first 4 hours of sleep need to start before 10:00 pm so that you don’t stimulate the liver to dump glycogen. If it does that then the next day you will be tired and crave carbs. Terrible for fat loss and endocrine health. Feel free to ping me as often as possible this year while I try to make myself go to bed before 10 p.m. every night. I feel like it’s the #1 thing we stumble on that could really improve our health. For sure I’m guilty.