Thanks to The Maker

"I am an omnivore, and been doing some versions of Nourishing Traditions, Paleo, etc. for years and I do not know of an alternative, since the bodies of animals are like a CONDENSOR of nature. The animals all condense something "lower" (if you will) on the food chain. The ruminants are able to digest grass and condense the Vitamin K in the grass into their butterfat. Yeasts and microbes are little condensors of lots of things, too, and can make all sorts of nutrients that we need. We house those microbes in our GI tracts and all over us, in a beautiful symbiosis created through millions of years of creation-evolution by an amazing Designer who made a highly complex plan that we have yet to understand in it’s entirety. Dogs are able to synthesize their own Vitamin C, but humans cannot. Our DNA has been changed through iterations/millenia and some of those changes were not good… for us as individuals. We may have low thyroid function but our modern medicine allows us to survive childhood long enough to become fertile and reproduce our genes to the next generation–with errant copies of genes. Epigenetics also plays a part for our direct ancestors. What our mother’s ate and how stressed she was. We can be like Native Peoples who understood the connection of all things, and thanked the Animals (which they called People, too) for the gift of their life. They honored the animal by eating and using all the parts. This is all part of the harmony of nature and the circle of life. When I help my husband process a deer, I do my best to take the parts and use them, but it is very hard to do as an urban dweller. I appreciate the job that "companies" do to process my food, and support the ethical choices that I can, such as free range animals. If I did not have these special nutrients to heal my brain, I would be laying in bed all day with fatigue, despite my "personality" that is to take care of the people around me and promote optimism. Because I eat of the full Garden of Life, I am able to live out the remainder of my short lifespan doing the best good that I can do here on Earth. I say thanks to the Maker for my food, asking blessing for all the tiny and medium sized beings that go into growing it all."

I posted this in response to some lovely vegans who were asking about collagen on the Kelly Brogan website.

-Rachel Ernst

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