This Post Is a Blast of Fascia

Question: I haven’t quite wrapped my mind around the reasons to blast while tightening the muscle versus keeping muscle loose and how this applies to other forms of massage and exercise– if you can speak on that or reference a video. Thanks sister!

Answer: OK!  So far, if you want to blast away fat, you tense the muscle. You can see for yourself that the top layer then flaps more while you blast.

If you keep the muscle loose, blasting will go deeper into the muscle tissue–this is probably for the reason that the muscle moves more and is more malleable during blasting while it is relaxed.

Fascia is very strong. When you cook meat, this is what must get broken down in order for the meat to get tender, and the way we do that is through 20 minutes of sustained internal temps of, I think it’s like 120. If the cooking temperature is too high, or too low, or not for long enough, you will get tougher meat. If you gently simmer it in a stock pot it will slowly unwind the proteins from their originally tight structure. This is why the toughest cuts get cooked in a crock pot or slowly roasted. Or beaten with a tenderizing hammer.

This is why we also heat, internally and externally, before blasting, or rolling, or kneading the flesh of our bodies, if we want to re-organize our fascia. How is it different than massage therapy? Well, my sister in law is a massage therapist who originally taught me about trigger points or muscle knots and how a steady, even pressure for a length of time can cause a neurological release of the knot. Your chiropractor might also do this to you if you are lucky. So far, as I understand it, this is different than a fascia adhesion. Massage therapists could use various techniques and I’m guessing to various degrees they can break down fascia. The ones that would break down fascia would be the more vigorous, prodding, intense and painful, possibly leaving bruises (like using the Nugget)–it’s that kind of working into the fascial tissue that would help to break down overly-complicated fascia and fascial adhesions. By the way, I ordered my Nugget last night and I cannot wait. My first appointment with a fascia-literate P.T./chiropractor (he’s double degreed) is March 8, and I’m getting very antsy.

The Science

Here is a science video:

That YouTube features video from the primal source of information: This book, which is $80 and gives you access to this website:

Here’s Ashley Black’s informational site:

For me, I am too busy trying to actually blast, as well as share this info with my family and learning my posture and going to practitioners. So, I am not going to do the hard study. I am satisfied at this point with the practical applications that Ashley Black is giving us. I know that she and her doctor hubby and her cohort, Bart, whom you will see in videos, have done a lot of learning and synthesizing this for us laypeople.

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  1. Ashley Black’s FasciaBlaster website blog says this on the Heart butt page: “Keep in mind that you are supposed to RELAX while FasciaBlasting to break up fascia. If you haven’t seen the video where I explain the difference between relaxing for fascia and contracting for fat popping, now is a good time to visit that. We are moving into the fat lysing section next. BUT… let me say this ladies…I would do 10 solid FasciaBlasting sessions with the above techniques before trying the fat lysing. What you think is FAT, might just be fascia bound tissue or jiggly muscle atrophy, so be patient and trust the process or you may accidentally shrink the butt fat you want to keep!”

    She links to here:

    I don’t know why that page is supposed to answer the question, but you must have to read very deep in there to see the answer. If anyone does read there, please let us know!

    In the video she says “pop the fat cells”– she writes about lysing the fat. And, she has a new book just released called It’s Not Cellulite, It’s Fascia. Maybe there’s much more info in there than in her How-To videos.

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