TIDY TIP: Kids’ artwork

©2015 Meredith Ernst

©2015 Meredith Ernst

If you have a little artist who produces a lot of artwork, like I do, here’s a tip to keep your home tidy and looking beautiful.

First, honor the child’s work by displaying it on your kitchen cupboard door or the fridge, or if you can tell that your child put a lot of effort into the work you might want to frame it and put it on the wall. There are even frames with hinges on the front, that you can easily change the artwork out more often. I believe I found one of those at Target.

The next thing is to find a box which is flat and large enough to hold the largest notebooks books and papers that you’ll receive during the school year. Then all school work that you want to keep, and all artwork and extra projects that can fit in the box from home can go in there for the span of one school year including a summer. I have a collection of these boxes which have all come from ordering merchandise from Amazon.com. I use a big black marker to label it for the school year such as 2016 – 2017 and the grade with the child’s name. I will also put things in there from the summertime following that school year so that one box roughly covers that child’s whole year.

storage solution for chilren's artwork and school work each year

storage solution for children’s artwork and school work each year

The next step is to, throughout the year as you are collecting these things, which is necessarily an ongoing tidying process, you must decide if this is a keeper for the box, or if it’s a throw away, or something in between. The in between solution is to take a picture of it, likely with your smart phone, which you no doubtedly have handy.

An additional step, which is optional, is to set up a Blogspot blog which you can do at Blogger.com. If you go through the necessary set up through that website, you will be able to establish an associated email address. Anything sent from your recognized “from” address sent to the blog’s email address will magically appear on that blog. I have done this for a few years now, and that is a private blog that I have set up for my kids’ memories.

My kids know that this blog exists and they’ve seen it a couple of times, but generally it’s just there waiting for them when they are college age and want to look back on their kid memories. In the Waldorf paradigm about the child’s consciousness, we wanted to let them remember things as they do naturally, internally, in their own imagination. Photographs of their own experiences change the memory of that experience and can even break their own magical view of their world. The way in which I rest with this paradigm, is to just think of my own childhood and how looking at photographs did in fact change the way that I remember things,. Sure, it doesn’t seem like an earth-shattering thing to look through the family photo albums when you’re a kid. But then you really never know what it would be like if you hadn’t.

Every once in a while I write them a letter and I put it on their blog, too. If I die before I wish, and even if I don’t, this will be a blessing to them later in life and they’ll know that I was thinking of them all along.



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