Tri-Core Pillow for Sleeping Spine Alignment

Tri-Core pillowPillow for supporting the spinal alignment

I just ordered this pillow and can’t wait to try it!  I did order mine on Amazon and it was a better price, but the information on the manufacturer’s website is much more detailed so I will link directly there. Core Products International Pillows are made in U.S.A.  There are competitive products made by Body Sport and others on Amazon (look in the Related Products when viewing this product).

There is something called the Proper Pillow, but it seems like a rip off, both in that it is one-size fits all, probably developed to get in on the market, but Core Products looks like a company that is more dedicated to providing a lot of different products to fit different people and a variety of problems. I want to work with Core Products because if my pillow doesn’t exactly work I think they will be able to help me get into the right product for me. Plus, their products are half the price of the Proper Pillow.



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