Types of collagen

I have recently taken interest in the fact that there are 3 types of collagen. I haven’t begun to research it yet. If anyone out there wants to guest post and lend your inquiry data, please let me know! In the meantime, I notice that the collagen tablets sold at Costco, brand YOUTHEORY, are also sold at Vitacost.

Common sense tells me that collagen made only from hides isn’t going to give us Types 1, 2, & 3. Moreover, nose-to-tail eating is going to provide closest to a full range of nutrients. So, if you are using a packaged product to obtain you collagen, start paying attention to the labels and the brand statements of quality, ingredients, method of preparation, etc. There are many "paleo" style brands out there now–just keep learning and improving your selection every time you re-stock.

During winter I enjoy making stock because it’s versatile, uses up scraps of things that I would otherwise compost, and is the flavorful basis of soups that my daughter and I like to eat. It makes sense to include this whole, real food in our diet. I also have found beef knuckles and chicken feet, so I know I can get tons of gelatin that way.

While my favorite benefit from gelatin (collagen) is the high glycine content which helps me stay calm every day, there are so many other benefits to be had. I get lots of comments that I don’t appear to be as old as my real age–maybe the collagen is working for my skin. I also like the idea that as I am FaciaBlasting, I’m providing collagen for rebuilding tissues. Gelatin is a whole food that I’m sure was prized during the formation of human evolution.

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