Update: FasciaBlaster

My tips thus far on the FasciaBlaster:

  • Watch several videos on YouTube about fasciablaster. There are many aspects to this.  And, so far, my opinion is that it’s a game changer.
  • I bought the FasciaBlaster. Shipping is $12 for any order.  Now I am purchasing the Mini2 and the Nugget.  I recommend knowing what you may want to buy and save on shipping by placing one order all at once.
  • I recommend that you DO buy the NUGGET plus either the FasciaBlaster and/or the Mini2. The Mini2 is going to be good for travel. The FasciaBlastter is the best all around tool, most thorough for at-home use and will maximize your time/effort and makes it easier to get to your backside (back, buns, back of legs).  You need the nugget. Watch some YouTubes on the Nugget!  For $20 add on to your order, it’s worth it to tag that onto your order for the FB or the Mini2.
  • DO sign up on the wait list for the FaceBlaster.  I’m on the second wait list and expect it to arrive in late summer 2017.  I cannot wait for it!  How is it different?  The claws are smaller and it’s used more for face and neck (and I do expect to get rid of neck skin sag and wrinkles this way!)  This will also be good for travel, but since it’s so long await time, I went ahead and bought the Mini2 for travel.
  • You get the tools, but you’ll need the knowledge. That’s why the videos. Once you have the knowledge, you’ll have a method you can go to for the rest of your life.

Feel free to ask me questions.  I’m not posting a lot on this yet because I’ve only been using it a couple of weeks and not often enough. But, I am super excited and recommend that you at least watch the YouTube videos to get a feel for the many different benefits which include:

  • breaking up fascial ahesions (the work of myofascial release) – this is a component of a well-rounded physical therapy program.  I came to FasciaBlasting because of my all-over pain and discomfort.
  • beautification – reducing wrinkles, cellulite and fat pockets
  • increase metabolism
  • release muscle trigger points


4 responses to “Update: FasciaBlaster

  1. I am updating my recommendation on which to purchase: I think the mini2 will be great for a lot of people as it is lighter and easier to use. My arms do get tired using the large FasciaBlaster. The trick is whether you will want to get the back side of your own body. If you can enlist someone else to do this on you, they can get your backside with the mini2.

  2. Here is a Nugget video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KKhqkr0Sn4&index=1&list=PLolFaiWmqWmJZ5c7Mcw9WqsqoZ2-GHtuK

    Yes, I’ve thought of using a lemon reamer. People praise this $20 hunk of wood. The two ends are different.

  3. I haven’t quite wrap my mind around the reasons to blast while tightening the muscle vs keeping muscle loose and how this applies to other forms of massage and exercise if you can speak on that or reference a video. Thanks sister!

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