Cheap Eats: What if “Food Stamps”?

Here’s an interesting article series if you want to think about pushing the boundaries of eating as well (healthfully) as possible while spending the least amount of money.  It should be noted that the diet composition doesn’t lend itself to weight loss or Paleo/Primal.

Do you want to go directly to the article here: My What-If Food Challenge, or get a little sense of it right here…

Rules for the “What if” Food Challenge

1)  Spend only $367 for one month… the maximum SNAP allotment for a two-person household, for groceries in October, 2011.

2)  I will shop exclusively at the Wedge, as a member of the co-op, using the monthly member discount of $3.75 and any member specials or coupons as relevant. This isn’t a generic test of all natural food grocery stores, after all. This is about our co-op. [The Wedge, Minneapolis, MN]

3)  I want to test the affordability of the kinds of foods so often dismissed as “elitist.”

SNAP is a USDA subsidy program. To my mind, there is no better use of this money than spending it on health-promoting products grown on family farms, local and organic if possible. That’s how we get the most bang for our buck.

To the extent possible, the products will meet one of these criteria:

  • certified organic (or other reliable sustainability certification)
  • locally grown and/or produced (5-state area definition of “local”)
  • fair trade certified
  • produced and/or distributed by a co-op
  • available in bulk

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