What to expect this year.

What you see on the e-newsletter from this blog today is a failed attempt. The photos of product went through but the whole text message that I spent my precious time on did not go through. This is very frustrating. I want to get this info out to you, but, it is very difficult to keep everything running smoothly. This new calendar year of 2017 is perfect timing. I am ready to let go of even more. I am using the Telegram app to communicate with my closest peeps (my mom, sisters and hubby). I would love to somehow share my natural living health wisdom, but I cannot produce a blog. I’ve been hitting my head on this wall for YEARS and it’s still sad to me to have to let it go.

The best way to get some current thoughts on my favorite topics is to just send me an email. I still spend time answering questions for people in that informal format and I KNOW it will be delivered to them. Or call me on the Bat Phone.

New things are on the horizon for me. I may post here occasionally if you stay subscribed. You won’t be getting a lot of emails from this blog, but it may be worth it to stay subscribed and stay in touch.

Reach out!

What I’m doing:

Adrenal and hormone support drinks (herbs)
lemon water first thing in morning
Sticking to my supplement regimen
Continued effort on dietary changes
Gyrotonics – starting Thursday
Bracing for a big home cleanout
baths of epsom salt and baking soda
Magnesium oil on skin
Keeping up with kids’ school activities and homework, viola lessons
Meredith will return to swim team in Feb 1.
Van is in hockey, Erik is coaching but I will have to take him to some outdoor games when Erik travels to India.
Getting my 23andme.com gene code test–both the ancestry and health info will be fun and hopefully helpful. (just saw a book title last night on kindle that said MTHFR is clogging up our medical system, and from what I know so far, I can see that.)

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