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Seed Rotation Diet for Improvement of Female Hormone Cycle

Hey, Ladies!

This one’s for you.  Here’s an update for what I’m doing with my morning protein shake.


I learned this from www.hormonesbalance.com

What you want to know, is that I eat certain types of seeds on particular days of the month to hopefully impact my estrogen and progesterone cycles, to help smooth out the hormone curves over the course of my monthly cycle.  I hope to see an improvement in all of my cyclic symptoms.  The improvement may take 6-8 weeks to detect.  I am doing this in the context of an overall Primal-style diet.

Essential Reading:
How to use seed rotation to rebalance your menstrual cycle? by Certified Nutrition Coach Magdalene Wszelaki.

I hope this helps me with the two estrogen dips mid-month and during PMS, when I get cranky. Mood is my numero uno. Also, fatigue (including brain fatigue, which I think is how the mood crashes).  A fun source to learn about the monthly female cycle is here at HormoneHoroscope.com

Any menstruating woman of any age can do this dietary addition of seed rotations.  Likely, I will begin teaching this regimen to my daughter when she reaches puberty. I have some time to see how this affects me.

Supplies for seed rotation diet.

Supplies for seed rotation diet.

I’ve implemented quickly and bought my seeds. But, since I am watching what I eat and trying to lose belly fat, I wanted to know how this would impact my caloric intakes.

I am sensitive to some foods, and I don’t love ingesting any food every day (though in fact I do take my cod liver oil and other supplements every day), in case this should sensitize me to those foods. I’m willing to try this seeds experiment and am glad that there is a 2-week rest period from each type.


2 Tbsp. of seeds such as pumpkin and flax
I add in my hydrolyzed collagen (gelatin)* for another 6.5g protein.
1 cup unsweetened almond milk beverage
sweeten with KAL stevia extract powder

TOTAL: approx. 10 grams of protein and 150 calories.

My two favorite almond milk beverage products. The chocolate contains significantly more potassium and a little bit more fat.

My two favorite almond milk beverage products. The chocolate contains significantly more potassium and a little bit more fat.

How I Ingest:

  • Pumpkin seeds: sprouted, salted—chew them very well.
  • Flax seeds: grind in a small blade coffee grinder and put into the almond milk with the gelatin

Adding 2 hard-cooked eggs will round out my protein needs for breakfast. OR, I would add a full serving of Orgain protein powder.*

*Both the Orgain and the Collagen Hydrolysate are mentioned in my Protein Powders post, but you may want to see all the Protein Shake posts.


The Sunflower seeds are comparable in calories to the pumpkin seeds.

But, sesame seeds are better ingested as Tahini (sesame butter), and in this form 1 Tbsp. is about three times as many calories as flax.  So, if you’re counting calories you will probably want to go with 1 TEASPOON of Tahini. Once I am able to add in the Evening Primrose Oil, then I will limit the tahini.

How I ingest:

  • Sunflower seeds:  sprouted, salted—chew them very well
  • Sesame seeds:  as tahini, 1 teaspoon
  • Evening Primrose Oil:  Dr. Weil recommends Take 500 mg two times a day. Here’s an indepth article on EPO. I may start with Barlean’s brand.

Notice: The first half of the cycle includes the flax seeds, which I grind.  I could put that flax meal onto some other food rather than a protein shake.

Good morning!

I take my Cod Liver Oil also (notable fat increase) and the rest of my pill-form supplements.

I could also add a piece of fruit (berries are best) or some kind of vegetable dish.

Other PMS-Helper Foods

Raw Saurkraut – Bubbies


PBX. Pre bx. Resistant starch

How I prep and get it done in the morni

I know my sister and close friends will be trying this. Will you? Feel free to leave a comment here!

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